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If you explain your situation, and nicely, and calmly try and work with the manager / AppleCare reps. you will get a much more sympathetic and caring response. Call AppleCare and request to speak with customer relations. Explain your issue, and what you would like to see; ask if they can make an exception this once, or if you can buy AppleCare now even though you are technically past due. You know you have a valid issue that Apple should correct, so don't accept...
If you need data off the drive, get an external hard drive, and get a copy of data rescue II. run the quick scan. They let you run a test scan to see if it gets anything. It's worth a the $100, as I just ran it on my sister's macbook, and it saved close to 6,000 files, including her important lesson plans and school papers. Likewise I've only heard great things about Steve Gibson's spinrite; if you have access to a windows machine.
father as well. I need ideas, and asap! need to order something and get it by the 24th. Under $60 if possible. I can get other people to chip in if need be. Suggestions?
just sync the phone with the new computer through iTunes, and it should ask you to transfer information from your phone to your computer. I'd like to know for 100%, so reply back with what worked!
It sounds like a preference file is still in the system. ... You can try and do a spotlight search for the name of application to see if any preference files show up. (sometimes they are named differently than the application or just don't show up)...An application called app Zapper will automatically find all the related files to an application once you drag and drop the application onto the icon. I think it's $12; but a handy litle tool to get all the parts of an app....
Ok, it is up and running. Seems stable so far, and snappier (brief test with SMS typing).
wow; great first post! thanks for the heads up; I checked that box right away. four year old thread, just amazing that someone found this issue and posted a response! haha. nice!
Hello all, I've been scouring the internet trying to find anything that leads to a release of Final Cut Server at NAB. I am heavily looking into getting this system. The only thing I have found is a release of a "Final Cut Server Quick-Reference Guide", by Matthew Geller on May 15, 2008; search done at amazon.com. That is the only thing, other than NAB is where Final Cut products have been released in the past that lead me to believe that such a date is what Apple...
Your best bet would be to remove iTunes, and the iPhone mobile device support applications, and re-download and install iTunes. http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=306084 That article should explain how to remove both items from either a mac or pc. Let us know if it worked, or need to try something else! Cheers
Magnets seem to be a bad thing from what I have read from other users on the web with iPhones and iPod Touch's.http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=306435
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