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I was trying to LAN a pc and mac together to play quake III arena with a friend. I thought we did everything right to make this work. Upon asking another PC friend, he said the pc needed 2 network cards or a router in order for it to LAN with the mac. Is this so? If not, could someone please explain how to LAN the two computers together, b/c, I have found nothing.
During the WWDC, what G5 was tested against the Xeon processor? The standard $3000 G5, or was it souped up with 8 gb of ram? Also, would the standard $3000 G5 be as speedy as this setup: dual intel xeon 3.06 setup with HT (making it 4 processors) and 2 gigs of ram. Not to mention the fastest HD setup available currently. I am really curious how fast this G5 will be, so I can get my wintel friends off my back
Yeah, so what is cling film? I guess I am confused, so if it isn't any trouble, pics. would help.
I had this problem with earlier versions of Safari, Thought it would have been fixed by now. I don't know what causes this, just figured I would tell you, you are not alone.
I was at version tracker and saw the exact thing you are looking for... it is called background saver.... I run a matrix screensaver, and it is a cpu hog, but it is way sweet.
I was wondering what devices, if any, Support quicktimes 3GPP format. I am curious because I noticed the 3gpp format highly compresses files. And I was thinking if there was a PDA that supports this format, I would love to watch movie trailers, etc. on the pda.
I need suggestions on how to connect my 17" widescreen iMac to my stereo receiver so I can use my stereo speakers to play music from the iMac. I assume using the mini jack out is a better quality output than using the headphone outjack. Also, I would need about 50-60 ft. of wire to connect the iMac and receiver!! If there is a wireless device that might be cheaper, I would greatly appreciate it to know where to get one. Thanks Again for all the help.
Well, I don't believe you can add background music to it. If there is a way, please let me know, because I don't know how.
I was wondering what settings to put a keynote presentation at so I can import it into iMovie, so I can add music on background. I tried the default output for keynote, and when I imported into iMovie, it had an error -40. Please help A.S.A.P, this project is due in a day or two!!!
Call me dumb, but how do you monitor how much Ram your computer has left?
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