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My computer is a new 17" iMac from august 02. I have the nVidia GeForce 4MX, but with 32 ddr, not vram. Does this mean I don't have quartz extreme capabilites? Also, what is the difference between ddr and vram? Thanks.
[quote]Originally posted by Luca Rescigno: Maybe you mean the Quartz Extreme application, that shows you CPU usage and Frames Per Second in a single, speedometer-looking window? I have it, maybe I could email it to you. If you're asking about Quartz Extreme itself, then yes, you need an ATI Radeon or a nVidia GeForce 2MX or better, with 16 MB of VRAM or more. No, there is not one Rage 128 that will work. People ask that all the time so I want to make that...
I saw how great Quartz Extreme was through the "Power of X" demo on Apple's website. I was wondering how to get it? I couldn't find out at Apple's site, they just described it.
How do you use your camcorder as a passthrough device so you can export the iMovie directly to the VCR? I did this in iMovie2, but can't figure it out in iMovie3. (I ended up having to export to my camera, then make a copy of that onto vhs)
It works now, I must've had the no text option applied, and didn't notice the star. Also, I was confused that the moving video on the menu wasn't selectable as it was in idvd2. Never, mind, I think I have it now.
I am wondering how come the preview option doesn't work anymore with iDVD3. Am I doing something wrong? I imported the video, and then click on preview, and I can't get it to play. Help!!
I retract my earlier statement... Actually, when I got home, I had found it on the table. My mom brought it home from her school!
As, of yesterday, still waiting.
Maybe a dumb question, but I don't understand this whole xserve thing. What exactly is the difference between the xserve and the xserve raid?
speaking of games... could a windows emulator like virtual pc, play pc games? And if so, how well would they run? For example, how would battlefield 1942 run? I just played this, and was instantly hooked, and yet saddened by the fact the mac doesn't have it. So I am just curious about this option.
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