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I was wondering which program was better, I am in a debate with a friend, and need some help. Also, which one was released first? I'm guessing quicktime? Arguments to either side accepted.
I am looking forward to a number of things. 1.) Chapters in iMovie 2.) More Menus in iDVD 3.) iPhoto one-click touch up I can't wait to make this purchase, along with Bourne Identity Tues.
That was good... I liked the way he categorized the different apple users.
Probably 2 ft. although I hunch forward towards the screen in my chair. I might move the base of the iMac closer.
I agree, a scanning program would be nice
what does go on for 5 days? This is the first year I have payed close attention, and am wondering what you do for 5 days.
I think they will continue to have them, when else is apple going to get the huge publicity? Just the auro that macworld gives off makes you want to be there. Seeing and using the new products first. I hope to go sometime.
I like the 17" laptop. Who wouldn't want to watch a movie on the road on a 17" screen rather than a 12 or 15? As far as the price... not too bad considering just a 10" portable dvd player is around $1000! Considering how much more functionable a laptop is too.
a side note... while visiting I watched the sherlock 3 movie, and I realized what an easy way to get information. My favorite is the movies page. I use it before every movie I go to.
Just wondering how long it took to update to 10.2.3.
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