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i suppose you could set up an applescript to run on startup to launch a web browser and go to a site you specify; or anything else you can think of with applescript/automator
try doing a reset on the phone; holding the home button and the power button at the same time; likewise if that doesnt work, restore the phone; and lastly, try a small file sized pdf as it. Will take forever and just spin trying to download it over EDGE as previously mentioned
@-"That commerical for the Little Giant ladder where that enormously fatass guy stands on the ladder and notes its stability, since he's "kind of a big guy."-" sooo funny, except I really want that ladder system; I used to watch the infomercial all the time just for fun when I was up late at night; in fact informercials when I can't sleep help put me to sleep (unless I get really sucked in, haha).
whether it has 26 songs or not, that was not the point; I do suppose it could be worse, and split into two cds and double the price.
I am 90% sure that the 300 movie soundtrack on iTunes was $9.99 on Saturday... Now, I just checked and it's $11.99? If that is true that is crap, talk about supply and demand, and leveraging prices to make more money...anyone bought it for $9.99? ...Now this leads to me wondering how far away they are of implementing a tiered model service that the record labels want so bad? Would this be a good thing or bad thing? I am also wondering why iTunes doesn't have...
second vlc...mplayer is also a good choice.
yes, and yes... it would be easier to probably capture them in final cut express, then import them into iMovie; however, I would just use FCE, it is so much more robust, and even if you don't want it to be, it is still fairly easy. You can import into FCE from iMovie, but iMovie captures all the video within the iMovie icon project file....so to get to the actual video, you have to right click on the iMovie project icon and go to "show package contents", then from...
hello, is there a free file hosting site somewhere? I made an iPhone countdown widget that I would like to share with anyone interested. It's simple, but I was bored so I downloaded the dashcode application from Apple and messed around with it. (It is set for June 1st, 12.am. Central time)
Perhaps they started with macworld 07... available for free on iTunes Store!!! http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/M...t?id=212293773
..haha, funny... i will just throw out there that I want an iPhone as well!
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