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WOW, that was hilarious...made my day reading that...hahahahaha
it's going to have to be time machine for me..... I have overwritten files by copying and pasting, or doing the save as.... and replacing another file.... (twice in the last couple of days) if I had time machine.... back I go, and boom... i am back... and saved 30 min. of lost work!
I saw it last thur. at 10 p.m. And let me say it was entertaining as all can get! It probably was best to see it opening weekend, because the experience when everyone claps and cheers makes it that much better; (and I doubt you will get that after opening weekend). But, yes, I agree with placebo. (I'm buying the DVD)
yeah, use Keychain access... it is located in applications folder, > inside the utilities folder... > there you will find keychain access.... keychain let's you store passwords, accounts etc. Then you just type your one main user account password to view the other passwords you need to see.
haha, my thoughts exactly... yeah, good job on the photoshop clean up though.
[QUOTE]Originally posted by midwinter [B]The question is prompted by my dream last night: ... James Surowiecki would not get open and it was making me very angry. And then I woke up. ha ha ha... that is funny. I use to dream about something one night, then the next night, the dream would pick up right where It ended the night before (like an ongoing story)... I thought that was always weird. Anyone else have that happen?
oh wow... a tower attached to an LCD screen... holy crap, I can't believe they are actually proud of this, and think it is "streamlined" etc. OMG, LOL, ROFLCOPTER... most rediculous thing ever perhaps... geez, I am having a hard time getting over that.
R (-4.75) L (-5.50)...and I am expecting worse as I have noticed blurry vision... going to get them checked next week... let you know what changed.
Hey, I thought I recognized a few sound loops from Soundtrack pro during the opening theme video for the NBA Finals on ABC; that leads me to believe they are using the Final Cut Suite for their editing, bumpers, etc. I was wondering if anyone knew for sure what they used? Whether FCP, or Avid, or what? I have seemed to notice quite a few stations/groups using the FCP suite lateley; as a big fan of the wholse suite, it would be awesome to see more major networks...
OMG, ROFL... that is great. Were you a finalist perhaps in the joy of tech comic caption contest? ha ha.
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