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I would upgrade your Macbook Pro hard drive too, perhaps to the 120gb version, or the 100gb (7200rpm version). The install requirements for FCS (all loops, templates, etc. is nearly 50gb) granted you can install them on another drive, but if you wanted access to it all on your main system for on the go... it's something to think about.
I have the game as well... 1.25ghz G4 powerbook, 512 ram... it runs pretty good. I too don't want to have to use the DVD every time, or at the very least, make a copy, so when I take it on the road, it can get scratched, and I still have to original for backup. Are there any tools like alcohol 120% for mac?
Maybe in San Francisco will be iPod video or something, then Jobs will talk to Motorola in NY for the Phone launch over satellite or something. That would be cool. I really want an iPod video, that would be perfect for all my short videos I have made; and I am in the market for a new cell phone, so I guess in one week I might be able to get both!
yeah, that sux.
So was this years WWDC Apple's replacement expo for Macworld? Because I thought Apple would be at it this year. The dates say July 11-15. Is anything going to be released? What's the deal?
that's what I thought too, ( i give it a 5-10 % PR Move) but it seems genuine; and after reading his speech to the stanford grads. he seems like he really means what he says.
off hand, don't remember, check the link....up top, and look on that site... it explains it.
it's a nice program. I was using it and getting plenty of networks to show up. Whether or not another card would allow you to connect to them, instead of saying it can't, i don't know. Have fun when you get the powerbook.
I believe so...99% sure, because i was doing some research for wardriving, and found out that the airport extreme cards only do active scanning. Link
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