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Same here, the 60 is too bulky/heavy for me when compared to my 3g 20gb iPod.
this is more of a complaint than anyhting...but if others know of this problem, advice/encouragement would be great. Ok, so the new dual 2.7 ghz G5 comes in with 2 gb ram. I am pumped! Turn it on; filling out registration form, when bam, the fans start to spin up to full blast, and won't stop. The computer freezes, so I hold the power button down to shut it off. I go back to turn it on like 5 min. later and nothing, no chime, but the fans and light came on. then...
That is true...I guess I will stick to the 1 button....never had a problem before. I actually prefer the keyboard instead of a right click when I am gaming.
(they can play off the whole "spotlight" in tiger with the one Spotlight)...but that would be cool, then the stage opens and a new (______) comes up out of the stage with a smoke machine going all around it too!
i've heard rumors of a multi-button mouse from apple for some time now. The debate is whether they should keep the one button mouse to force programmers to not take shortcuts. Well, if they released a multi-button mouse, and kept the one button, I don't think it would be a problem. Four does seem like a logical fit too, and if Apple doesn't relase it, maybe I will get a four button for these four reasons: 1.) 1st Button, normal left click 2.) 2nd Button, right...
anyone have the old "the screensavers" opening theme song; when leo laporte and patrick norton were the hosts. Or, know where to find it? I think it is pretty catchy but can't find it. I know it's a pretty obscure thing to want, but hey.
not sure if anyone commented on this, but the whole xbox 360 lookin' like an iPod is yet another thing microsoft has copied from Apple. Macnn.com has a short note about it.
Here is another article, about how the iPod battery can't be charged...(mentioned at the bottom)LINK
[QUOTE]Originally posted by - J B 7 2 - [B]Basically, you would edit in an HD sequence, and all the DV clips would have to be rendered up to HD. They won't look as nice, naturally. Or you could do the reverse if you simply wanted a DV sequence. Just got off the phone with Apple, and that is indeed what you have to do. Either way, there is rendering time involved. Any ideas how long it would take to render the DV footage into the High Def. project? The Apple rep....
I have a question as well, since I might be upgrading as well. If you record some HD content, can you mix it with DV content? So can you have a project with some High definition edited with DV clips? If so, does that mean you have to downgrade your hd to dv to edit them together, or could your video just have the DV clips look a little worse compared to the High Def. footage? ...there is a ton of DV tape to use, so it would be a waste to...
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