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I just checked this out...weird, but at the keynote, Steve said they crossed the 10 millionth iPod that quarter; I checked the first quarter of 05, and it was like 4.38 million , then wednesday's release said like 5.3 million, so that is just short of 20 million, if not right at 20 by sometime soon, so yeah, whatever was posted above me was right!
Things only get better after NAB 2005 in a week. [/B][/QUOTE] I'll keep a look out. Thanks for the replies.
I know someone who is interested in a editing system. What are the recommendations you have? The education pricing is availabe, so that helps, but I really don't think money is too much of a problem. Besides the dual g5, and the final cut suite, what is needed for ram? and other misc? DV deck? TV monitor for viewing? and what would be needed to do that? Thanks. I am too tired to do research, so figured this was easier.
Is there a way to keep an application running, even if "command-q", or force quit, or File-->Quit is used? Basically I want this program to run 24/7 without anyway for it to be quit by anyone except a special key combination. I of course would like to quit it eventually, but just a different key combo that others don't know. I guess if there was no keyboard, all I would have to get rid of is the file-->Quit command. Maybe there is a way to disable it in the terminal...
I am trying your link now. and if that doesn't work, than I will let you know, and you can mail it. I did laugh for a good minute though about the karma and bus comment...lol. Thanks for the link, a lifesaver!cleaned up your code - groverat
That link redirects me to http://unit.bjork.com/specials/albums/medulla/...I don't think that was intended....and Placebo, just pm me if u are able to get it done, then I will send you an address to mail it to, and then once I get it, I will send you an e-mail.
...if anyone is willing to record the 05 macworld keynote with snapz pro x ( or by some other means) and mail it to me on a dvd or cd....can anyone do this?? My bandwidth at college is pretty horrid, and I really want to watch this keynote, so if anyone is willing to do this, I will e-mail a $10 gift certificate to you! Please someone do this, that would be awesome. (Only the first person that does this will get the $$$ however.)
Just got back from Walt Disney World. Went on the Mission Space Ride at Epcot. I was wondering if anyone had any idea of what the G-forces on that ride are? That is the most intense ride/experience I have had! It was crazy. I like wild rides and everything, but a few more minutes of that and I would have been feeling quite sick. Great ride though. Don't ride it after eating, like I did.
I know two friends that got them.
definitely agree. That would be interesting to read.
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