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I have the latest version too. I will repair disk permissions and see if that helps. Glad to hear it does work though.
Anyone have any experience with DVD Cache? I like it, but it has stopped working for me. Ever since I installed adobe CS it hasn't worked. DVD Cache searches for new movies, but when I click on add or preview, the program hangs and gets the spin of death. I know it is related to Photoshop, illustrator, or inDesign, but I don't know how to isolate the problem without deleting the Adobe CS. Anyone know of a fix? I have e-mailed the creator too, but it hasn't been fixed...
Totally agree, I spent the good portion of my morning reading all of it. That, and what you said about respect, etc. Great read, one of the few things I have finished from beginning to end, and couldn't get enough.
Does it annoy anyone else that articles use 'iPod' in the title to get people to read their article on a mp3/video player? an example I guess in a way it just shows once again how influential/cool the iPod is.
I second the emperor's new groove. I also have liked all of pixar's movies. Aladdin and The Lion King, and Beauty and the Beast were all great back in the day too. Disney kind of fell off the tracks somewhere with Pocahontas and Hercules.
Yeah, while that is a nice camera, I don't want to have to have it hang off my neck with a strap or give it to someone to hold onto until I get off a ride. I will be doing a lot of walking/riding rides at Disney, so I don't want something bulky. Everyone's help has been much appreciated and has led me in the right direction.
Man, I didn't realize it didn't have an optical zoom. I knew the SD10 didn't, but thought the SD 20 did. Bummer, back to the drawing board. I don't think I need 5 mp, but I want a good quality 8x10. I suppose 4 would work, but 3 and lower is what I want to avoid. Sooo, now, I am impressed with the casio. I like the manual white balance, and manual focus options a bunch, and it has optical zoom, the lens is pentax, and from what I know, they are a good brand. Casio...
Alright, I think I found one I am going to get. It comes out Oct. 30th, so that is good timing. Also, it is only $350. Canon Powershot SD20 What do you think?
I am taking a trip to Disney World and would like to buy a digital camera. I want it to be small so I can put it in my pocket, so I am thinking of getting a sony-cybershot...LINK It is good enough quality for 8x10, and even higher, so that is what I want as well. The only other thing that I can think of is the zoom, it is only 3x... is that the norm. for cameras? is it good enough? Thanks everyone. Also, since it is an LCD screen, is there something I can put on it...
I see... that makes sense, but that is too bad that logic pro doesn't link with final cut pro very well...But I assume if a project were created in logic pro, final cut pro could use it. That would be really only the main thing it would need to do, at least from what I can tell. Leave the video editng (FCP) to edit video, and the music composing to the music program (Logic).
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