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I have never used Soundtrack or Logic Pro, but what are the differences? I assume one is better at certain aspects than the other, so how do you know which one to buy? Also, if you have final cut pro, soundtrack comes with it, so would there be a need for Logic Pro?
My college just got three new 20" iMac G5's. We set one up, but the fans seem to be infinitely stuck on high. They are really loud... sounds like a vaccuum is on or something. Also, it won't wake from sleep, won't restart, or shutdown. It has to be forced to shutdown to turn it back on to get it out of sleep, or restart, or just to turn it off. That makes me angry. It was cloned to have other applications put on it, not sure if that is the problem with the sleep and...
yeah, and I click on the install icon, but it won't startup from the cd to install. So I don't think it works.
So, I was wanting to put 10.3 on a 9.2 system, but the 10.3 cd says it is an upgrade disc. I take it I have to have a full version of 10 to be putting 10.3 on right? Anyway, that is disappointing, b/c I like 10, and not 9. Oh well.
I think that is really the only flaw in iTunes that I can see. It only seems obvious that is should work, otherwise, it is a pain to listen to a mix cd on iTunes. My guess is it isn't easy to fix, or they would have by now?
I was in a hurry when I wrote the above, so to clarify... yes I do have access to internet, etc. What I mean is when a burned cd is done, and it shows up in itunes to be played from the cd, it just says track 1, track 2, track 3, etc. and it doesn't list the artist either. All of the songs I burned all have this information. So, I don't know why it does this?
How come when I burn a cd in iTunes, it doesn't show the song name or artist after the cd is done burning? Is there a way to burn a cd so this information is included?
Ok, I have my Powerbook working like a charm w/ Airport express, but I am trying to get my roomates Dell hooked up to it as well so he can stream his iTunes as well. He has a linksys router and receiver. I installed the airtunes and airport software, and airport express setup assistant, and even the airport 4.0.1 update. It still won't connect to it. Any tips or tricks? What am I doing wrong? I have tried forever, and can't get it. Someone please be bored enough to...
That is what I thought, but I think that is'nt fair, that would be like paying for iTunes music once for each computer you own, and to me that is not cool, (which is why it is not that way.) Too bad it is not that way for other things. Oh well, I can still watch movies.
I was wondering if there was a way to play Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 on my Powerbook. I transferred the game from my emac, but it will not play because it needs the cd. Unfortunately, the game came pre-installed on the emac, (there is no standalone thps4 cd) so is there a way to play the game without the cd? I sure hope so, because it would be fun to play while riding in the car on vacation.
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