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I believe a file stored in one user's account should be given access to other family accounts without counting against everyone's quota. There should be some sort of access control that gives others access to one's files. Once access is given, others should not incur any additional storage penalty for having access to this file. There's no point to duplicate the file because it's already on the Apple's servers.
I hope this is sarcasm.
Voice over LTE is coming, which is the migration path for both CDMA and GSM. So, in the next generation of cellular voice, there will be no incompatible technologies like CDMA vs GSM. Creating a real competitor to AT&T and Verizon may be beneficial to consumers. Currently, both Sprint and T-Mobile coverages are limited compared to AT&T and Verizon. My Shared Value unlimited voice plan on AT&T with 10 GB of shared data costs me $130 (two phones) before my discount. In...
The "double-click-hold-and-drag" method DOES work in Mavericks. This setting is located in: System Preferences > Accessibility > Mouse & Trackpad > Trackpad Options > Enable Dragging You can choose to "Enable Dragging" "With Drag Lock" or "Without Drag Lock" Choosing "Enable Dragging"  "With Drag Lock" allows you to lock the drag and then lift the finger off the trackpad for a short moment without losing the drag lock. If the finger is lifted for longer than a second, the...
That is correct. This is the only place where you are required to do a physical click. However, if you configure your Mac to log in without having to authenticate, then you will bypass this screen. I'm sure if Apple is considering a trackpad without a physical click, they are going to make a simple config change, and this screen will no longer required a physical click. 
When the multitouch trackpad came out in 2008 on MacBook Air, the way to highlight a sentence and to drag an object was a double tap with hold after the second tap with dragging without letting go after the second tap-and-hold. A couple years layer, Apple came out with a three-finger tap and drag for that purpose. When they did, they obsoleted the double-tap-hold-and-drag method. It can still be enabled, but it's not listed as a gesture in the Trackpad preference pane...
New Posts  All Forums: