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I'm hoping iPad Air 3 will be compatible with the Apple Pencil, and there will be a way to attach the Apple Pencil to the iPad when not in use. The size of the iPad Pro is prohibitive for what I use the iPad for, but the Apple Pencil is an amazing device that I hope to be able to use with future generations of regularly sized iPad. 
Since Apple Siri remote can learn volume control IR codes from an IR remote of the receiver or TV, using Apole TV4 as a proxy, why can't it use the same method to learn the ON/OFF IR codes from the same IR remote? Apple TV4 has an IR transmitter, so there's nothing that prevents it to use the ON/OFF IR signal for the receiver and/or TV other than an artificial software limitation.
Some apps showing in app switcher are using the Apple's backgrounding API, others use background refresh, and yet others are not doing anything and are just shortcuts to recently used apps. Apple needs to display some sort of distinguishing sign to tell those apart in the App switcher. I used to use jailbroken apps that had the option to tell them apart.
NFC condoms with the Apple certification are coming out next March. 
The one LAN port on this device is to connect a NAS to. Everything else (at least in the future) will be able to push over 1 Gbps over Wi-Fi. Of course, if you have more wired devices, you can use a standalone switch. Or use your existing router's LAN ports if you don't want to buy a switch, connect your existing router's LAN port to this device's single LAN port and disable DHCP and Wi-Fi on your existing router. If you need a DMZ, you should get a real firewall. Consider...
I want a Bluetooth keyboard with solar panel charging from Apple. Logitech released one several years ago. There should be a USB option for charging as well (which Logitech didn't have) in case there is not enough sunlight in certain situation, but for the most part, solar panels should provide enough charge so that the keyboard needs never be plugged in. Same should be true for Magic Trackpad, which has a benefit of using the entire trackpad surface as a solar panel. 
Do you consider Magic Mouse to be a professional mouse? I wasn't referring to a professional mouse but rather comparing Magic Trackpad to Magic Mouse. 
Once I started using the Magic Trackpad 3 years ago, I never want to look back at any other pointing device. I can't even imagine computing with a mouse anymore even if it's a Magic Mouse, of which I have three sitting on a shelf. I bought Magic Trackpads for myself, my mother, and my wife, and all of them much prefer the trackpad to the mouse. There's just absolutely no comparison between the Magic Trackpad and the Magic Mouse. Using the Magic Trackpad does require one...
I thought the A-G system is mostly used in the US.  The lesson in the embedded video tells the girl to play Doh, Doh, Doh, and the girl in the video is playing a Fa-sharp repeatedly. I haven't played a piano in a long time, but I do remember which keys are which notes in the "fixed Doh" system, and the note she played was definitely a Fa-sharp.    So, I googled this, and it seems there's such a thing as a "movable Doh" system, whereby you can name any first note as a...
I've been looking for a system like that for about a year now. I have an old KORG digital piano with weighted keys back from the early 1990s, which does have a MIDI interface. I was able to connect it to an iPad and to a Mac using a MIDI to USB adapter. I also found a couple of piano teaching apps on the App store that work with the MIDI interfaced pianos. So, in principle, I found what I need, except keys do not light up. I'm trying to interest my 5-year-old child in...
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