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Are women near extinction that Apple doesn't need to bother addressing that market?
If the CIA cracks the encryption, some university professor in Stanford will invent a new encryption protocol that will be orders of magnitude more secure. This is an old game that spy agencies have been engaged in for centuries. It would be much more troubling if the FSB were working on cracking the AES based encryption, which I'm sure they are, because we would not know for many years if they have cracked it and continued utilizing it as though it were still uncracked. 
First of all, I'm not whining. I would rather Apple bring order to the software and its functionality and interoperability between the two platforms and iCloud than continue to develop four applications that do not interoperate or sync very well. So, I'm actually in favor of streamlining the work flow even at the expense of discontinuing Aperture.Secondly, until Photos for iOS is released and iCloud Photos comes out of beta on iOS, I'm not going to enable this feature. I...
What will happen to the photos that I take on an iPhone? Will those photos stay on the iPhone as full-resolution images or will they be uploaded to iCloud and replaced with thumbnails? 
I was just so sad when Apple discontinued iPhoto for iOS. I was wondering why they developed iPhoto for iOS just a few years earlier to drop it like a hot potato last year. There seem to have been two teams at Apple that worked on the photo management/editing apps and the infrastructure that supported it. With iPhoto for iOS vs Photos, there were two incompatible ways to publish web albums, two ways to transfer pictures over Wi-Fi between the iOS device and the Mac, two...
This is circa 1974-1980. I owned one of those back in the day. It is basically a Fiat 124 assembled in Togliatti (Tolyati), the Soviet Union. Mine stayed in the family and lasted for 35 years. It's a classic. 
That explains why you find the work flow I described in my previous post so horrible. If you don't sync via iCloud, then you obviously don't care about having one unified library of images that can be accessed by several image editing applications. 
 I read literature as well and was never able to find answers to these questions. Frankly, I don't think anyone knows yet. If you do and would rather point me in the direction of the right literature than answer the question, please do so. 
 How do you expect to use the OS X Photos library for syncing via iCloud Photos and use another image editing application for making the edits not available in OS X Photos? Are you keeping two different photo libraries? THIS sounds like a nightmare to me because none of your edits made in third-party image editing application would be syncing via iCloud Photos to other devices. This is exactly the same mess that exists now, whereby original images sync via Photo Stream,...
I believe there will be a tighter integration between Pixelmator and Photos within the next few months so that changes made by Pixelmator do not affect the original versions of photos stored in the OS X Photos library. The fact that Pixelmator doesn't have the photo library organization tools is actually a good thing as long as it can tap into OS X Photos photo library. Keeping different versions of a photo library in different applications is a nightmare. 
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