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BAre you kidding me? You can't build a McDonalds in the US for $2 million. Two million for Apple is pocket change not worth a meeting with a contractor on a project this size.
That's fascinating. I am actually in the market for a new vehicle and am looking for one that offers Google Maps. When you say Google maps sucks, I wonder if you are living on another planet. In my world, Apple Maps sucks. If you have a busy lifestyle, in my world you can't use Apple Maps because in about 50% of cases, it will navigate you to the wrong place. I'm a big fan of Apple, but their maps is a disaster even years after it was first introduced. Originally, I was...
I would rather they had dropped a headphone jack and put a second USB-C port. That way one could either use Bluetooth headphones or USB headphones. Much more versatility with two USB-C ports than with one USB-C port and one headphone jack.
Have you ever compared speed of wireless tethering vs wired tethering? I get 65 Mbps download speed tethering via a USB cable in certain places - using my iPhone 5S. There's no way to achieve this via Wi-Fi tethering even if you take all the interference out of the equation, which is a big IF. Tethering via Wi-Fi is slow and introduces unnecessary latency.Additionally, when you tether over Wi-Fi, you drain your phone battery pretty quickly.
First off - the new MacBook can be used by professionals, just not by professional photographers or videographers for photo/video editing. For example, for network engineers, who have been preferring Macs over PCs by a sizable majority for a number of years now, this new MacBook is more than sufficient, and it has one great advantage - it's extremely light. If Apple could put 16 GB of RAM in this new MacBook, I would buy it in a heartbeat. I do need to run desktop...
You are not going to lose your pictures if there's a hard drive crash in the cloud. There are all sorts of redundant storage implemented in iCloud. However, it's mo guarantee that you are not going to lose some or all of your pictures. One example that comes to mind is if your account is hacked. Another one is if you make a mistake and accidentally delete a certain photo. I would suggest making a copy of your library and keeping it off site.
The absence of Googe Maps on Car Play hinders the adoption of Car Play. I'm in the market for a new vehicle, and my initial requirement was integrated Car Play. However, I think I'm dropping this requirement because I will have to continue to use Google Maps on my iPhone. Dynamic re-routing based on live traffic conditions as well as lane guidance - there's no way I would sacrifice these two features. Apple is shooting themselves in the foot by blocking Google Maps on Car...
Are women near extinction that Apple doesn't need to bother addressing that market?
If the CIA cracks the encryption, some university professor in Stanford will invent a new encryption protocol that will be orders of magnitude more secure. This is an old game that spy agencies have been engaged in for centuries. It would be much more troubling if the FSB were working on cracking the AES based encryption, which I'm sure they are, because we would not know for many years if they have cracked it and continued utilizing it as though it were still uncracked. 
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