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This is circa 1974-1980. I owned one of those back in the day. It is basically a Fiat 124 assembled in Togliatti (Tolyati), the Soviet Union. Mine stayed in the family and lasted for 35 years. It's a classic. 
That explains why you find the work flow I described in my previous post so horrible. If you don't sync via iCloud, then you obviously don't care about having one unified library of images that can be accessed by several image editing applications. 
 I read literature as well and was never able to find answers to these questions. Frankly, I don't think anyone knows yet. If you do and would rather point me in the direction of the right literature than answer the question, please do so. 
 How do you expect to use the OS X Photos library for syncing via iCloud Photos and use another image editing application for making the edits not available in OS X Photos? Are you keeping two different photo libraries? THIS sounds like a nightmare to me because none of your edits made in third-party image editing application would be syncing via iCloud Photos to other devices. This is exactly the same mess that exists now, whereby original images sync via Photo Stream,...
I believe there will be a tighter integration between Pixelmator and Photos within the next few months so that changes made by Pixelmator do not affect the original versions of photos stored in the OS X Photos library. The fact that Pixelmator doesn't have the photo library organization tools is actually a good thing as long as it can tap into OS X Photos photo library. Keeping different versions of a photo library in different applications is a nightmare. 
It seems to me that Pixelmator is the application of choice for Apple to replace advanced photo editing that is missing in Photos compared to Aperture. Pixelmator was featured on stage during the Fall 2014 Apple event, and this app is available for both OS X and iOS. With extensions enabled in both OS, there may be an easy way to edit a photo in Pixelmator but continue using Photos (in both OS X and iOS) for photo library and syncing with iCloud Photo Library. 
Could someone explain to me what happens in the following scenarios with iCloud Photos:  1. My Photos library in OS X exceeds the available flash size on my iOS device. Which photos will sync from the iCloud Photos and which will not? Am I going to be given a choice? This is a scenario that the majority of iOS users will face due to their current iPhoto or Aperture library size being hundreds of gigabytes.  2 In my Family Sharing scenario, I want to have one Family photo...
I would NEVER trust my data to Google. With any Google service (at least a free one), you are a product, not a client.Additionally, back four years ago, they "lost" my gmail account along with 0.0017% of Gmail user accounts. I thought I lost all of my important documents I had there. It took them over a week to restore my account. Since then, I do not rely on any service that is "free".
It's in Beta still, isn't it? Doesn't this mean Apple is working on making it better?I am waiting for iCloud Photos to come out of beta before I consider it.What I have hard time understanding is what happens if your iPhone storage is 64 GB but your Photos library size on the Mac is 500 GB. How will iCloud Photos determine which photos to push to the iPhone since it can't fit the entire library there.I also don't quite get how the iCloud storage size will be handled among...
Apple never wanted to make an iPad Mini or a 5" iPhone. Yet they have.There was not going to be an App Store for iOS, nor was there going to be the iBooks Store because according to Steve Jobs "people don't read books anymore."I refuse job offers if a prospective employer doesn't issue or allow Macs, so I'm no WINTEL fan. However, some friends of mine who work exclusively in Windows LOVE Surface Pro 3. There's definitely a use case for such a hybrid device and not only for...
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