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How do you obtain hydrogen from water? Any ideas other than harnessing energy generated by fossil fuels to get pure hydrogen?  
In California, the battery swap stations are already there, and are built within the Tesla range from one another. Additionally, if you own a Tesla, you can charge it for free at many electric charging stations in California. There are 75 Super Charging stations in North America already, and you can now drive coast to coast by getting your Tesla charged at Super Charging stations only. A Super Charging station can charge a Tesla Model S in 30 minutes for a range of 170...
The top-of-the-line Model S goes for 300 miles already. The battery can be switched in less than two minutes. That car costs over $100,000.For a $30,0000 car, you can't expect the range to be 300 miles yet. But let's say it is 120 miles. This range is more than adequate for 80% of people in America and Canada as well as for 95% of Europeans for a second car for commuting to work and running errands.In fact, you could have both of your family cars to be Tesla, and a few...
Tesla is going mainstream soon. The price of the vehicle made for the masses will be in the $30,000 range. If the government keeps their tax credit, this vehicle will be affordable for 25-30% of the American families - maybe more. If Tesla can keep the range in this vehicle above 100 miles, they will be selling them like hotcakes. I live in a town where Nissan Leaf is extremely popular - not sure why. I work from home, but every time I go for a short drive, I see 4 to 6...
Provided Android holds about 80% of the world marketshare in smartphones, the fact that Apple made 87.4% of all handset profits is a pretty remarkable feat. This just proves that chasing after the marketshare is a worthless strategy. 
The OS running on a computer to which this RAID box is connected has to have a driver if this is a hardware RAID. I bet Apple has included the driver in OS X for this RAID DAS. My goal is to connect such a RAID DAS to VMware ESXi. It would have to have the correct driver installed to recognize the hardware RAID controller in the Pegasus.
ESXi runs directly on Mac Mini 6,2 hardware, which is quad-core i7 2012 Mac Mini. It also runs on 2011 Mac Mini. You can run ESXi 5.1 and 5.5 on Mac Mini 6,2. I've been running ESXi 5.1 for over a year on my Mac Mini 2012. Also, I don't think the file system must be HFS+. If I were to use this device for datastores, it would have to be formatted in the file system that ESXi uses for formatting datastores.
Do you have to install a driver under OS X for this device to be recognized as a single drive? Does the RAID level in this device manage itself once it has been built without relying on OS X? I realize in order to initialize and build a RAID level, this device has to be connected to a Mac running OS X. However, once RAID has been built, can this device be connected to a Mac Mini running VMware ESXi and be seen by ESXi as a single external drive? My goal is to use a...
I know it's generally true in life, but in tech, does "smart" always have to be "ugly"? 
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