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That all depends on the purpose. The graphics on the 2014 Mini is definitely much better than that of 2012 Mini. However, the non-graphic processing power of the 2012 2.6 GHz Quad-core i-7 Mini beats the 3.0 GHz 2014 dual-core I-7 Mini. For those running moderate server tasks on the Mini, the 2014 model is a travesty. For those who need to drive a 4K display with moderate consumer-grade apps, the 2014 model is the way to go. However, let's be clear, Mac Mini 2014 cannot be...
Fusion Drive makes a HUGE difference. Definitely get it. There's absolutely no point in my book to get a large SSD. If you are planning to run a VM in VMware Fusion or in Parallels, and/or do serious video and/or photo editing as well as gaming, definitely get 16GB of RAM. If RAM is soldered on, you should plan ahead; otherwise, get the 8 GB and see if yo are satisfied with the performance, and upgrade later if you need to. You can't get 8 GB in one slot if you are...
This was pulled most likely due to the fact that Photos for IOS 8 doesn't sync properly with iPhoto or Aperture for OS X. Both iPhoto and Aperture have been deprecated, and OS X Yosemite will be released with iPhoto replaced by the Photos app for OS X, which should work seamlessly for syncing with the Photos app in iOS 8 via iCloud Photo Library.  By the way, what's happening with iPhoto for iOS in iOS 8? Is it still available? Did they change anything in iPhoto for iOS?...
What's the difference between Photo Stream and iCloud Photos at this point?   My understanding is that  iCloud Photos replaced Photo stream, and the difference between the two is that Photo Stream was used for syncing between different devices on the same iCloud account with only up to 1000 photos and up to 30 days worth of photos being in the iCloud storage for each account, while the older photos had been pushed out of Photo Stream and were only residing locally on...
So, will iPhoto for iOS become one of those extension editors? Or is this the end of iPhoto for iOS, and Apple will rely on third-party editors to provide more advanced photo editing? Wasn't Apple going to discontinue iPhoto and Aperture for OS X in OS 10.10 Yosemite?
This is the beginning of the end for USB. Fortunately, we have FireWire for low latency Thunderbolt for bandwidth, and Lightning for portability. All three are heavily promoted by Apple, and none of the three is vulnerable. USB has been trying to play a competitor with all three, and now USB is going to finally get out of the way of progress and thoughtful design. Good riddance.
I believe a file stored in one user's account should be given access to other family accounts without counting against everyone's quota. There should be some sort of access control that gives others access to one's files. Once access is given, others should not incur any additional storage penalty for having access to this file. There's no point to duplicate the file because it's already on the Apple's servers.
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