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I know it's generally true in life, but in tech, does "smart" always have to be "ugly"? 
This is definitely the first generation of a very promising product. There is only one real opportunity for Pebble though to compete and that is if Apple buys it and uses the Pebble know how while integrating it in its own iWatch product. When iWatch comes out, Pebble will not be able to compete just due to the mere size difference of the two companies even if Pebble significantly improves their watch design in the second generation of their smart watch. Once Apple comes...
Well, some people have spouses who are not constantly on the Internet, and some of these people have garages, so it's not immediately obvious to a driver-by if there's anyone at home. So, I would consider my thermostats reporting on my absence at home to any company - especially to Google - the invasion of privacy that crosses the red line for me. YMMW.
Google will know when you come and when you leave your house. Still don't think there's anything wrong with it?
I'm not a fan of the way Google has been acting since 2008, but Google is still one of the best (if not the best) company to work for. Back in 2006 when I interviewed with them in Mountain View, I personally witnessed the perks that their employees were getting, and that was amazing.
I live in a free country, and this is a forum for expressing one's opinions. That's my opinion.I do understand Apple. I have been successfully investing in Apple for years.iPad does not serve 100% of business needs. It provides minimum functionality for technical users. I am an IT engineer, and I have almost no practical use for the iPad. Without jailbreaking it, I cannot effectively use it as a Remote Desktop client or a VNC client for work. It can only serve as a...
What iPad desperately lacks for the use in the enterprise is a mouse and an interface designed to be used with a mouse. When jailbroken, iPad is capable of being used with a mouse, and utilizing Jump Desktop and a mouse, one gets a pretty solid thin client. A 12" iPad with a mouse can serve 90% of business needs. Why would consumers buy such a hybrid device? Because it can replace an iPad and a MacBook for most people. Use it as a tablet when consuming and as a laptop...
Lance Armstrong can now get an endorsement contract from Samsung to pay his lawyers.
Apple is making its new iPads with very thin margins. iPad 1 through iPad 4 had wide margins. iPad mini came out with thin margins and the stock started tanking. Now iPad Air is coming out with tiny margins again. Apple, please make a huge iPhone with humongous margins so that Wall Street valuates AAPL based on the margins and we can get AAPL into the $700 range again. And we don't need a cook to be running the show - I know he likes apples and all, but let him run some...
Who is to say Apple will not lower the price of iPhone 5c in a few months? I recall Apple dropping the price of the first generation iPhone a few months after it launched in 2007 by a few hundred dollars. Apple has built in a big enough margin in the iPhone 5c that it can find the sweet spot at which they can maximize the profit. But they have to start with a higher price to gauge the demand at the introduction price point.
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