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Maybe someone can explain why Los Angeles, America's 2nd largest city, with the 9th largest transit system (per Wikipedia, and larger than Chicago and Philadelphia's systems), is not only NOT one of the launch cities in Transit, but also low on the priority list (per Apple 9 to 5).
FWIW, the that's Nate Mendel, the bassist of Foo Fighters in the photo with Dave Grohl. Not some anonymous "attendee". And comparing Tim Cook to Ringo Starr goes beyond stupid.
Being in the U.S., I'm relatively happy with Maps. I use both driving and transit directions, and while both work pretty well, there's obviously still room for improvement. The big issue with Maps when it was introduced was that Apple ended up taking the heat for location problems that existed (and still exist) in Google Maps. I was able to document locations that appeared incorrectly both on my iPhone AND within Google Maps on both my iOS 4.2 iPod Touch and my Mountain...
Forstell moves to MS. Sinofsky joins Apple.
Was anyone troubled/concerned that Apple was only awarded a little over $1b for the whole slew of infringements (which also created a technological revolution), while NTP was awarded over half that ($612.5m) for just their email patent(s) from Research in Motion?   Or is this just apples and samsungs...
As soon as I saw the AI headline, my first thought was "Uh, oh. Maybe I'd better sell my Apple stock".
Unless I misread it, the data wasn't specific - does this include enterprise as well? Which leads to: Does anyone know what the actual percentage Apple holds of U.S. consumer share? The last detail I could Google dates to 2009 and was in the 20% range. Does someone have more recent and reliable numbers?
[QUOTE=ss000kk;1933697]M$, Autodesk, Adobe, Avid, nor Oracle, nor Dell, nor HP, or any other tech company have ever pulled the rug like that from a loyal and strong customer base. Sony has both Pro and consumer products division. That would have been a nice strategy to emulate.Sure it is... ALL the above companies have EOL'd products, and in uglier ways than Apple. discreet killed their edit* solution without leaving ANY options for its users. Turd that it may be for...
After the FCPX debacle, I believe "formerly respected" would be appropriate.
A little proof-reading please...
New Posts  All Forums: