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Was the Find My Phone feature simply not working that day? Or the next? In other words Remote Wipe worked, but FMP didn't?
Well, York couldn't have been all that disgusted since he didn't resign AFTER Jobs' medical issues were resolved. A non-story.
Samsung's hardware might be great, but their HDTV software is certainly pretty lame. Whenever I try to use some of the software features on my 6 month old TV, I just keep thinking (from a software pov) that Steve Jobs would never have let this out the door.
I'm not so sure... I recently cut an HD feature on a MacBook Pro using eSata drives and it all went swimmingly well. Even when I had to resort to USB playback for a brief while (one of the striped drives went south), performance was still fine. Motion and AE also worked flawlessly. So no problems professionally. HOWEVER... what is becoming an issue isn't so much the speed or power of Apple's offerings, but the lack of what is becoming basic, essential features - the main...
I wonder if with the enormous egos ALL these guys have, if there's some sort of poetic justice that Sculley has to live out his days in a corporate purgatory. One where he's forced to realize not only his role in Apple's downfall, but then be forced to watch its wildly succesful rebirth under his former rival.
Regardless, it was under Sculley's watch that the fox crept into the hen house. If Steve Jobs had still been around at that time, do you honestly think he would been snookered into giving away the crown jewels? And so carelessly?
Thank John Sculley for this - he made the deal licensing some of Apple technologies to MS...
Can't speak for others, but as a LOONNG time Quicken user, I've recently started using MoneyWell, and have been VERY HAPPY. My needs are pretty basic (I'm not using it for investment tracking) and YMMV, but for me it's doing almost everything that Quicken should be doing and isn't. The UI WORKS, the developer is responsive, and I hardly ever need to use VMWare these days. It's not perfect, it's missing a few features I like from Quicken, but for the most part it's a...
New Posts  All Forums: