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Not sure why it would be any lighter than the old unit (possible though doubt it). It does have internal power supply like the last one. And that's obviously at the foot of the unit. That's a pretty substantial weight.
Congrats on the "ignorant moron first post" prize.
"Another downside is the polycarbonate body's predilection to attracting dust." What the huh?  Is this thing made out of something different then the old model?   Funny that so many are unable to appreciate that this thing is form-follows-function (the way it should be.) Guess Ive should have just slapped a half-dozen basket antennas onto the old design
You guys are just laughable. It's so funny when people can't adapt to new advancements in computing (I mean COMPUTING! for crisakes) Expandability potentials increase, and you don't even see it. Stuck looking backwards where you got stuck at some point in your lives.
Problem is; your concept of "building to suit" is from a past era. That's ok. It has always been this way with "Pros" and Apple. Probably always will be.
Wow. You must be a real professional, (teleported from 1999). If you had any brains, you'd be embarrassed by your own ignorance of todays computer technology.
This has not been allowed (not worked) on the earlier units (maybe with some sort of hack?).  Haven't looked into whether they've changed that here or not.
Yes the new design made it easy for them to take the opportunity to add a port (or more). 4 ports is a very happy medium for a typical home router (hence, every other manufacturer's inclusion of 4 ports.) Don't know about the new unit, but the previous A.E. actually contained a 7-port switch inside, to which Apple simply attached only three RJ45 ports.
Damn mother$%&43king sh#$#t!! Why can't these guys add one more flipping ethernet port?! Everywhere I use these things; I always have to buy a f&%king ethernet switch to add on. Just for one extra needed port. WHY?? WHY??!!! 4-ports is a no brainer. There is absolutely no excuse. Idiots.
This is probably the biggest surprise of the whole event.   Meowwww!
New Posts  All Forums: