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A phone with a video screen and a camera, that I cannot stand-up on it's side or on it's end, is almost (not quite), but almost pointless to me.
Seriously.... You guys are trying to talk rationality to some whack job? Give it up.
What, exactly, do you think that video is a test of?
Plenty of other Apple stories that also include Samsung info (how could they not). And even a number of stories including mention of Strategy Analytics. So that blows away your first point. Seems to me you  just don't like what's being said (trolls usually don't)
Would this be something that would possibly allow for development of true "resolution independence"? I don't know enough about that technology to say.
Of course it is. May not be every businesses. But it's a strategy. I can't imagine why anyone would say it's not. (fingers in ears) LALALALALA
Why is it not?
I just can't understand how Apple fans don't want to know this information, (and indeed feel threatened and / or personally offended by it). Tim Cook (and other top staff) got this information as well.  Hmm.... I wonder if he put his fingers in his ears and went LALALALALALA!!  I wonder if he fired the guy who delivered it to him?   Are you guys pissed off because this is a story involving a report by "Strategy Analytics"? Or because Samsung is in the...
I'll just never understand why Apple didn't become a carrier when it had the chance (screw their damn internet cloud server farms). They could have "owned" that 2008 wireless spectrum auction, if they had wanted to. Man... I'd have signed up for "Apple Mobile" in a nano second.
Tee hee hee.
New Posts  All Forums: