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Use that app, and urine for a big surprise.
I appreciate your position on the topic of fanboidism. Wasn't the issue though. I use google maps as well. My point was that Apple maps has errors; Google maps has errors. How come everyone says Apple maps is a piece of crap because it has errors, but google maps is great (and we'll just ignore it's errors)? The real problem, I guess, is that there isn't an appropriate word for the opposite of "fanboy". People use "troll" but that is really something else.
Well why not? It is a small world (after all).
Schiller has gotten better though.
  The reality (as it always has been) is that google maps; good 'ol regular we-use-it-everyday google maps, has tons of errors that trip up people every single day. The difference is, that in google's case, nobody gives a f**k.  Free pass. Apple had a small handful of errors, and a few smeary graphics. "broken piece of crap". Google maps is wrong somewhere for somebody every single day. But keep puckering those lips.
It wasn't about Garageband. It was about the iPad commercials that "made cute" with "Heart & Soul". Heart & Soul is, sort of, the counterpart to "Chopsticks". Are you getting it yet??  No? Ok, I give up.
Geez! I just mean they played it bad on purpose. You know...?  For affect...?
Forgot about that one. Maybe "Dark City".
Not an MS lover, But the mangled chopsticks was "the point". You actually did know that, right? (I hope)
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