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"Insulting to those that do". Insulting...? Please don't use words you clearly don't grasp the actual meaning of when it's insulting to those that do.
The only thing that bugged me (and they probably didn't fix it) is the "Album View - Sort by Date" issue. Where Sgt. Pepper's and Magical Mystery Tour are not displayed in the correct release order (both 1967)   
Good, concise points.
"the iPhone 5 successor will be more of an incremental update, adding some new features but retaining the same overall design."   Other than, possibly, a change in screen size, the iPhone case is pretty much locked into the (nearly perfect) design it currently has. There's just too much inherent functionality, apps, and utilization that is dependent on the existing case design to abandon its "2001 S.O. monolith" shape. And that is something that not a single one of...
Holy s**t!... RACKETEERING?!!
Google has plenty of products that have been in beta much much longer than that. And don't work as well as Siri does.
Once upon a time, it was much, much worse. It will continue to get better.   Is Siri still beta? EDIT: Just saw answer.
  Huh.  I didn't even know there was a google conference at Moscone Center tomorrow. Sheesh... Well, maybe that explains AAPL stock action today?
I don't really look to history, in these types of matters. Apple was once a failing company (in it's history), and look how that turned out.   Google Glass is something that I could not have less of an interest in. Yet, if it were to be released to the public (an all new special reworked Google Glass, no less) in a huge event scheduled on June 10th, it would be quite a media toss. (completely hypothetical example)   Nothing can change history. It's history. But June 10...
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