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I saw a guy using one yesterday as I was walking home from the Apple store. He was sitting at an outdoor cafe table, and there were about 10 people crowded around him watching.
Thanks. I see a couple stories this morning on macsurfer siting Munster. Great news if that pans out.
Dude, I'm sorry you are such a lousy typist. I watched two people flying on that thing today (first time they ever used one [obviously]). They had no problem. So just buy yourself a Bluetooth keyboard, and download a copy of Dragon Dictation, and get over yourself. One cannot "Touch Type" (fingers placed on the home keys) on the iPad. If this makes it a bag of hurt for you, then you are simply a person who has more trouble adapting to alternate circumstances than others...
I watched a couple different people type with the thing laying flat on the table, and they seemed to have no problem at all. (haven't tried myself)
I was watching some really young kid type on one at at an Apple store today. He was absoulutly flying. I mean much faster than I can type on a regular keyboard (and I'm not bad).Makes me laugh at the fudsters who were saying Apple didn't show anyone typing on it in the iPad commercial because "it's Hell to type on"
Yep. you got it. Rolls and Bentley are perhaps the worst analogy to draw. While they are obviously high quality products, they are full of superfluous bells and whistles. Heavier than an M1 tank (yes, not all of them, but this was for analogical comparisons)
Proof again that Apple is the Ferrari of the tech world. That is what you are paying for when you buy an Apple product. Unparalleled attention to detail.
Could just one person explain to me how one is supposed to use a conference camera that is built into a device that is a free floating; always constantly moving (to some degree); handheld-hand controlled device? Please? Anybody? Is this camera supposed to be mounted in some fluid filled - auto aligning - face tracking - auto focusing - multi gimbaled housing?? I mean; it could happen. But for all the talk about it over these many months, I've not heard one person describe...
Letterman basically made it look like the iPad is something that is impossible to use, and doesn't even function properly (I guess that could be considered comedy) Colbert was just straight up hilarious.
New Posts  All Forums: