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A large screen business tablet is more conducive to video conferencing (like the way a laptop is) than a phone is.
Crap! He's found us out... All right! Yes! I admit it. We all have this problem. We just don't want to admit it. Well I'm breaking out here. (even though my life will now be at risk) I am saying it anyway; WE ALL HAVE YOUR PROBLEM. (wow that feels good to confess)
I watched (and enjoyed) all of these. But to my own surprise, I was most blown away by "Numbers". I thought that was just an amazing implementation of that application.
Technically a "SuperStore". Not a "Big Box" store.
"Subject matter" is not the same as a "category".
Yep. I thought the same thing. ...laughable.
Awesome. This will definitely boost even greater iPad sales numbers right out of the gate.
I'll say! Just do a google for "pwn2own first" and see what comes up. Take note; this is the list from CanSecWest of everything that fell on day 1 Here are the results, in order: \t1.\tPWNED! Vincenzo Iozzo and Ralf Philipp Weinmann - iPhone \t2.\tPWNED! Charlie Miller - Safari \t3.\tNils - Safari (prize claimed) \t4.\tPWNED! Peter Vreugdenhil - Internet Explorer 8 \t5.\tMemACCT - Internet Explorer 8 (prize claimed) \t6.\tAnonymous - Nokia \t7.\tAnonymous - iPhone (prize...
Sorry thought this part of my post loosely addressed that: "(and I read all about it every year)" My question is why do the media (and commenters) not address these questions about the competition, whose absence make the results meaningless?
Not that I care, or use Photoshop; but doesn't the demo still expire after the clock runs out without activation?
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