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So, as the battle rages on; my next question is what, or who, will drop the "big one" on, or around June 10th ? Somebody is definitely going to be doing everything they can to steal Apple's WWDC thunder.
This is BOGUS, man!!  I'm going to organize a protest against AT&T!!   Who's with me?! C'mon, I said   WHO'S WITH ME?!!!   On another note, however;  What does this have to do with Apple? (On this "Applecentric" news site)  
Ha! Look at the comment count on each of the stories published on AI today.   Like I said;  Naw, this headline wasn't just hit bait. of course not. 
Seriously... Are you 10 years old?
No. the headline does not reflect that. AI has made it sound like, once again, someone is going after Apple. That Apple has been singled out.   If you don't see that, then you're not too bright. I, however, believe that you do see that, and that it's intentional on AI's part. I've read enough Apple hit-whore headlines to know one when I see one.   In any case, it did a great job getting everybody bashing the French. Nice work. (hmm, maybe because everybody sucked-in on...
  I'll see if I can make this clearer for you.   There is so much targeting and attacking of Apple in the media, and particularly in the story headlines. Apple, Apple, Just Apple.   But with this issue, that is not the case. This is not about Apple. And yet, the headline is slyly couched to give the initial impression that Apple is once again being singled out. If you don't see that headline as Apple being singled out (or in other words  "hit bait") then you're just...
Hey genius, Please explain to me why when someone posts a headline that says "Workers at Apple's overseas factories commit suicide due to working conditions", it's considered as inaccurate (serving purpose of FUD).  Yet the headline above from AI is just fine with you?  You think it's accurate, not hyperbolic.
But the issue is not Applecentric. It would not potentially make Apple products more expensive, It would potentially make ALL of these products more expensive.  THAT is the story here. The headline is a distortion by omission.  Oh, you still need help?? OK.  That's why the headline is FUD.
Pretty funny that you use the French word for "movies".  Sorta like they created the medium, or something. Yeah, French culturel pffft!
You know, AI, I really expect more from you. This article (published anonymously) is the essence of FUD.   If the issue at hand pertains to all foreign devices of this type, then the headline is not:  Apple's iPads, iPhones could be subject to new French 'culture tax' Grow the "F" up.
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