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That's the nature of competition. If Apple were to lose any iCloud - Photo Stream users to this, it will be on their own heads. They must ensure that their product is continually such a superior product, that nobody would consider switching. It's all up to them.
Awww... The original clamshell iBook. So cute. Really warms the cockles of my heart. That's "cockles". Get it?... Hello... Anybody there?..
I wanna know who "the hand" is.  It's George Costanza, isn't it??
Man.... Why even bother commenting? You just made yourself look so ridiculous.
Yeah, but close enough.   Has any Apple supplier reported an "increase" in demand, orders, revenues in the last six months?
If the panels are assembled together in any manner, then  "seamless glass panels" is an oxymoron.
I'm going with the joint where the end of the panels meet the ground (plaza surface). Or maybe just through the doorway itself.   Surprised this has just happened. Seems to me we've had much stronger rains than this over the time since the cube was rebuilt.
Sounds pretty smart to me.
That's useful / helpful info. Thanks.     EDIT: Ok, I just googled "google privacy german court" and found the instance you refer to. The only other thing that came up under my search is this current story we are discussing concerning Apple.   Google case Quote:   Google has been fined E145,000 (£125,000) by German data regulators for illegally recording information from unsecured wi-fi networks. The country’s data chief called it “one of the biggest known data protection...
No  I don't already have that answer. I'm kind of an idiot, so maybe you could just answer my question for me in a straight-forward manner, rather than with more questions of "if" and "wouldn't?" I mean, I didn't ask "if" Google does. I asked "does" Google does? Your "theoreticals" do not equal "You already have that answer". Actually, big an idiot as I am, I think your answer is pretty convoluted.
New Posts  All Forums: