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This question is off topic, and not related to this case. If anybody has an answer, I'd appreciate it.   Under German law, is Google permitted to seek "global consent" to use customer data like location information. Or must they specify in each case what a customer's data will be used for, and by which programs?   Also, are Google allowed to provide consumer data to other companies that have used them for advertising?
It will become more subdued after the Grand Opening day party?? Wow. Really?! Are you sure? Because here in America, every Apple Store I go into has the entire staff at the front door, high-fiving and hooting and giving out t-shirts to every customer, all day; every single day of the week. I'm surprised it's different in Europe.
Seriously... Don't make your argument based on some experience you had 10 years ago. You're not helping.
Man! These things are so cool. I love when these old Apple artifacts come up for sale. I think it's really exciting. Wish you could click-zoom that first image though.
Sort of made me think they just needed to do some testing on their update system infrastructure, or something, prior to releasing "The Big One".
Giant beers, giant pretzels.
I believe there are flaws with the study, but in answer to your question; it has nothing to do with whether your eyes are looking at what's in your hand or not. I can drive with an ice cream cone in one hand without ever looking at it. And it's absolutely a distraction.
I've decided that All Things D has to get rid of those red chairs, because I've decided that I don't like them. I am the decider. They're very distracting, and kinda tacky. They should be replaced with identical reproductions of Captain James T. Kirk's bridge chair.
Nest is the TiVo of thermostats.  There are lots of other out there. It's just that they do what they do the best.
"They likely don't feel that way" That's an assumption as well. My point on the topic in the past was just that it didn't make sense for Apple to start coming out with phones that are too large to be used with a single hand, or be put into a standard pants pocket. Yet it would require little (just a service arrangement with carriers?) to light-up voice service on the Mini (or any iPad cellular for that matter). I would guess it's simply a matter of what's best for their...
New Posts  All Forums: