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I was already signed into my iCloud account.  Then when I opened beta.icloud.com, the desktop just showed up with the iWork apps icon.  Cliecked onpages and there are all my existing docs.  Doing it with Chrome on a Win XP PC.
Tried it with my regular icloud account.  Pulled in my existing Pages documents. Dragged and dropped in a Word doc from my office Win XP desktop.  Opened with all formatting in place.  Will be a big selling point fro next gen iPad and Iphone if offered as a freebie. For 90% of MS Word users, this app would would be as useful as Office 360. MS cash flow gusher is at risk from this and Google docs and Open Offcie IMO. MSFT relies on the office cash cow.  Ever since Office...
Homeless need a place to take a bath. Just move the Fugly fountain to the steps of city hall.
Apple has not "Avoided" taxes, they have simply deferred taxes, the same as anyone who puts money in their 401K. Just as with your 401K when you move the cash from the 401K to your bank account, you owe the taxes, you hope at a lower rate. Apple used the same process. It borrowed money to pay individuals,much as one borrows money to buy a car rather than pulling cash out of a 401K. John McCain is an ignorant fool. I never though I would say that about him. SEven is a...
You can disable cars with a system called LoJack, but it is not a required part of a car. If it was it would cut down on thefts and ease the work of law enforcement. However, car companies dealers wouldn;t lie it. For every unrecovered stolen vehcle, there is another vehicle sales. Likely the reason the cell phone operators wee slow. Lost ohone may mean another sale and an eearly termination fee.
Haven't yoou seen the Blackberry glaases moitors whci go with a keyboard you strap to your arm.
"They won the Oracle case so why would they?" THe jury found Google guilty. The judge ruled (incorrectly IMO and that of many others supporting the ORCL appeal) that API software was no patentable. The jusry did not deliver a verdict on "fair use". IMO appeal will overturn judge on patentability and remand the case to the court. I bleie a nerw trial will be required on "fair use", which Google's use was not. In the end, this case may require a rewrite of Android...
Two solitions. Solar power subsrate like my Casio has or wireless chargeing from eletrical fields around you or both. Samesung wil have an Android opy within 6 months.
If you cut the PX of the iPad mini, you would cut your margins by at least 50%. Then you have to sell 2X the phones to make the same profits (actually more than 2X because your distribution costs go up. It costs the same yo ship a $199 mini as a $399 mini. In addition, you would see greater cannibalization of the iPad. Besides in the short run it is not easy to double production. Many of those who buy Android tablets will not be able to update thier software and have...
Do a bunch of sequential splits 2 for 1 splits
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