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This post appears to give no reason for putting Siri and homekit in the Apple TV itself instead of just touch-based iOS devices.
Holy crap this speculation is ill informed. Streaming games like ouya? What? Do they mean like OnLive? OnLive may have been on ouya, I don't remember. Otherwise all ouya did was play android games. Anyway, no no no no no. Apple is not at all about to do anything like OnLive. That sort of service is monstrous to set up and run and just makes no sense here. Besides why would apple do ANY if this when they already tout playing games over Airplay?? The Apple TV doesn't have...
The reason Apple isn't about to make an "iWatch" is because it fails their biggest test: "does it deserve to exist?" Nope.   Now, if it was possible for an iWatch to act as a simplified iPhone with Facetime, then maybe Apple would consider it.
Wait what? OS 10.10??? That's the same as 10.1!!!
Oh Samsung...
You know, reading the emails between Steve Jobs and the book people, I think Steve had good intentions but, if there's laws against conspiring to increase prices across an industry, I'm afraid he may have indeed played a pivotal roll in breaking them.
So how do I just actually watch the whole interview?
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