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ITT: a lot of people that really don't know how this works and didn't know the Notification Center today view did almost the same thing already.
Apple's single biggest problem right now is how far behind they are in graphics tech on OS X. They absolutely must find a way to start keeping up. Whether that's through pivoting to a new graphics API like metal or something else, they have to find a way to stop being 3 years behind because it hurts OS X in profound ways that go far beyond games. And really, when I think about it further, it's not even that much a problem of hardware, since when it comes to laptops, apple...
Right, and that's still the biggest problem here so I was right?
I kind of want an Apple Watch but at the same time I can't help feeling like this comic strip nails how silly the whole thing really is: http://chainsawsuit.com/comic/2015/03/09/applewatchwatch-2015/
Apple is totally correct here.
I wonder if they're waiting to show a new display that will connect to this one connector and supply power and extra ports on its rear.
How do cases like this make it this far? Couldn't Apple's lawyers simply have asked the court if this patent perhaps could be applied to ANY ONLINE SERVICE EVER to demonstrate how totally absurd it is?
For the price I don't think it's unreasonable for people to expect a lot more.
Photo stream was NEVER unlimited. It was always limited to 1000 photos. It was intended to allow users to essentially sync their photos on the iOS devices with their Mac and PC without the need to sync by having an online "stream" of your most recent photos. These recent photos would be viewable on all devices and stored forever on your Mac and PC for archive. It never made sense to users though. They assumed it was, as you called it, free unlimited photo storage. So Apple...
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