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It's a heatsink for the power supply, not necessarily so much for the CPU. iPhone's use external AC to DC adapters more commonly known as "chargers" because iPhones have batteries to charge with them. This Apple TV, like many set top boxes, integrates the AC to DC adapter.
Glad to see I'm not the only one seeing that messed up blue shadow behind the test flight icon lol
The best implementation of this kind of feature I've seen is in Slack. They recently added "reactions" and it allows anyone to add a "reaction" to any post. A reaction is just a single emoji that appears as a button that other can also click to up that reaction's count. Mousing over a reaction lists everyone that clicked it. People can add as many new reactions as they like.
I can't help thinking Apple really blew it with the male lightning connector on Apple Pencil. Why the hell would you put that connector on it and not the new Smart Connector? It would place the Apple Pencil in a great location for easy access. Instead the thing just juts straight out of the bottom of the iPad Pro while using up the port the iPad needs to charge itself.
It's pretty clear that Apple is never going to make a Mac tablet. They're clearly aimed at adding features to iOS until it would add nothing to use OS X instead.
Everyone saying force touch isn't a selling feature is assuming it would just be the ability to press harder and cause some other function to happen. What everyone is forgetting is that force touch also comes with the taptic engine. This allows the screen to click like a button. Therefor it allows buttons on the screen to click like real buttons. This could be used to great effect for things like the keyboard, where currently touching a key means pressing the key. With...
Why is AppleInsider reporting stories from Buzzfeed? I thought that had less than zero credibility.
ITT: a lot of people that really don't know how this works and didn't know the Notification Center today view did almost the same thing already.
Apple's single biggest problem right now is how far behind they are in graphics tech on OS X. They absolutely must find a way to start keeping up. Whether that's through pivoting to a new graphics API like metal or something else, they have to find a way to stop being 3 years behind because it hurts OS X in profound ways that go far beyond games. And really, when I think about it further, it's not even that much a problem of hardware, since when it comes to laptops, apple...
New Posts  All Forums: