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My in-law spent the past 6 months in various hospital. Nearly 90% of his nurses were female. My son's elementary teacher is 80% female. All babysitters available in my neighbourhood are female. When I was in college, the stat for the Arts major was like 60% female. All the secretaries in my companies are female. I recently posted an IT position in my department: 9 - 5 job with flexibility, no on-calls, etc.... I got 2 resumes with female name.    I talked to one of the...
Ah, now Samdung has realized that doing true R&D is hard. What is has been doing all along was stealing from Apple. When Apple goes with exclusive IP like AuthenTec, Samdung has no way to copy that so they pile a shit load of feature on to their flag ship phone and call it a day. Like a shit sandwich. Only at Samdung.
Yes, they also know 80% of those Android users are cheapskates whom they will never make money on. The 20% iOS users are willing and able to feed the hungry developers more than the Android crowd.
 50% of my class had a Mac laptop—it was a business program, 4 years ago. There's an Apple Store 10 minutes walk away in one of the busiest malls in town. Why do I need to visit the campus store with only 3 Macs on display?
The verdict has been clear: if you can afford an iPhone, that's the ultimate smartphone you can get, no matter where you live. People who can't afford an iPhone goes for an Android instead.
Apple can't win in the M&A dollar game. Facebook just spent $19B for WhatApp, while Google's losing bid was rumored to be in the $10B range. A few years back, Google threw $12B for Motorola and just sold it for $4B to Lenovo, essentially $8B down the drain with little to show.   But it's a silly competition. I don't know how Facebook is going to monetize WhatApp to the tune of $19B, or how Google benefited from the Motorola acquisition except for patents. I like Apple's...
Is the analyst willing to stick his neck on this claim? Plenty of people have made false calls in the past,all are highly paid analysts telling their clients to buy or sell Apple shares with a sliver of a rumor. Now if he puts down $1000 for a bet that the iPhone 6 will turn out like this, I will be impressed. Otherwise, it's only a rumor.
Obviously. Why would a thief sign an agreement to ban him from stealing anything in the future? He's only interested in getting an agreement that you will not sue him and leave the door wide open for him to come and clean the house later. Fucking morons!
It's gonna take a good while before Adobe support the dual-GPUs in the new Mac Pro. Final Cut was specifically updated to take advantage of this massively improved graphic power, but Adobe continues to be the laggard here--Premiere, I'm looking at you.
I'll say Evasi0n keeps the money, just to teach them a lesson. Chinese, no matter where they are, have almost no concept of paying for software. They will save months and months for a $700 phone, then balk on paying 99 cents for an apps. At the same time they have no problem with a $3 bubble tea.
New Posts  All Forums: