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 Ever shop in Europe? 20% VAT on everything!. Over here people get mad at paying 9% state sales tax for online orders. Almost every country require its tax residents to report income from all sources (foreign and domestic) for tax purposes. Most (including the US) will give credits to taxes already paid to foreign authorities. Notice that I said tax resident. There are certain criteria to determine if you are a tax resident in the country (having significant income there,...
My wife is an accountant. For as long as I know, a company never pays tax twice. Whatever it pays to the foreign country is credited so it only has to top up the difference when repatriate the profit to the US. So if you already paid 15% in country X, you need to pay another 20% when bringing it back to the states. My wife's company pay 18% effective tax last year. No company I know pays anywhere near 35%.
With Obama proposing 14% tax on foreign cash, repatriated on not, Apple's hands may be forced. However, at current interest rate of nearly zero, I see no reason why Apple doesn't want to issue more debts to finance their capital plan.
 Then you have very poor understanding of the mobile phone markets in Asia. The monthly plans are much cheaper. My friends in Thailand and Hong Kong can get plans for as little as $30 / month. Some also cheap out and go with voice-only for $5 / month, relying on free wifi in for data (very popular in big cities). It's much more popular in that corner of the world to buy the phone outright (unlike the subsidy-loving America). And Apple products are also very popular as...
Upgrade: meh. Downgrade: sale sale sale. Only for Apple!
An unknown supplier can pull off this stun. They don't need tens of millions of pieces of sapphire glasses. Neither do they have to worry about brittleness of the screen, or about court-challenges to the "unbreakable" display. If it breaks, people will just say "well, it's a cheap Chinese phone, what do you expect?". They don't have a reputation to lose when things go south. They don't have the intense media scrutiny on their every move.   See how easy life is for Apple?
 It's an attempt to one-up Apple. Apple only has the iPhone 6, we are up to 7, see! But they forgot that the latest Apple CPU is called A8. They also have other phones called A3 and A5 (not available in the US, info here: http://www.phonearena.com/news/Samsung-compares-the-Galaxy-A7-A5-and-A3-in-new-infographic_id64718). So it can be seen as an attempt to copy BMW, using Audi moniker. Samsung, even in their thief costume, is still a terrible failure.
I wish Apple would declare another "no new feature" release like Snow Leopard. Take a year to squash out all the bugs in the existing version of OS X and iOS 8. iOS 8.1.2 has been really buggy with iCloud syncing. Documents don't update in the background anymore. Random crashes in Safari, even crashing the whole iPad. Yosemite wifi is inconsistent, jerky animation (on my 2012 Mac Mini), etc. Come on Apple, I know you are better than this.
Apple sold a record number of iPhones in the December quarter, stock goes down 1.5%. Make sense, doesn't it?
IF UBS is confident in its data, its price target would be $125 for next month. A 35% iPhone growth will move the stock massively. I assumed UBS back tested its model against past iPhone sales. What's the outcome of that experiment?
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