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No one compares Mercedes or BMW's market shares to Toyota's. I glanced through Toyota's website the other day and counted some 25 different models. BMW may offer 10. And yet, there are places for both Toyota and BMW. Why don't everyone bash BMW? BMWs are more expensive, less reliable, have fewer choices, but the driving experience and the prestige make people feel it's a worthwhile car. When talk about cars, a BMW is compared to a Lexus. While do premium Apple phones are...
Keynote is the best of the three iWork apps. Many people were stunned with my Keynote presentations made entirely on the iPad. But the real problem is when people asking for a copy of the "PowerPoint". I can only hand out PDFs cause Keynote-generated PowerPoints look like crap (not Keynote's problem though). But that upsets people, because they think I'm circumventing company's policy and standard templates, etc. Pages is more of a Wordpad+. It handles basic stuffs well,...
 Then you go back to English school. Have problems understanding metaphors, huh?
Diehard Apple fan here. But even with a gun pointed to my head, I still pick Office over iWork. Office is as close to a standard there is in the business environment. Not saying it's good one, but pretty much everyone can open your docs and spreadsheets. I wish Word has better vector graphics support. Numbers have better looking charts than Excel but loses on everything else. Excel in capable hands are powerful beyond spreadsheet. They are mini applications connecting to...
Even truffle-filled, bacon-wrapped steak in cream cheese becomes yucky if you have been having the same thing for a week. I would at least expect a rotating menu for the jurors. Would Koh eat the same thing everyday?
Now that Samsung attorneys have admitted that the infringement was willful, it should be triple whatever the jury decided. So if the jury decided $100M, which brings the total damage to $700M, should Koh triple that to $2.1 billion?
"while Samsung's lawyers argued that Apple exaggerated the importance of the five patents involved in the case" Samcrum: try to build a phone without pinch to zoom and see if anybody will buy your shit. Not that with it, your shit stinks less anyway.
We are Samsung. We have no clue until Apple shows us how to. We did it just to show the world "hey, me too"   Pathetic bastards. Only know how to duplicate other's designs.
So with Samsung admitting guilt, does it mean that there is no appeal possible? Yes, they may appeal the damage, but will they be able to appeal the "guilty" verdict from the first trial? Any I will never buy a product from Samscrum.
 Laugh it all you want, Steve Jobs did use 3D pie charts, and they can be artfully made too.
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