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 This is my biggest reason to not use Square: it knows everything I paid for. How hard is it for advertisers to buy access to Square, and that when they learn that I frequently purchase products from brand A or visit store X, they will push for "have you considered brand B and location Y?"
Reading article gives me the impression that one cannot use his/her fingerprint to unlock the iPad and must type the passcode. It takes me a minute combing through the comments to find out that's not the case. The iPad can register 5 fingerprints. Get everybody in your home to put their thumbs on it and you are set. Of course if the iPad never leaves home and only trusted users have access to it, why bother locking it then complaining about the inconvenience?
No one got fired? Let me guess why: because the CEO of Samsung Electronic is the son in law of Samsung Group's Chairman; the Marketing VP is the CEO's cousin on his father's side, twice removed; the COO is CIO's "uncle"; and the Chief Designer's father's friend has a direct connection to the Korean Presidential Office.   It's a happy dynasty. Why should anyone get fired?
 Where can you find drivers for it? And how does it fit? I want to buy TWO of them for my Mac Pro too. Good things come in pairs
How the f* is this even possible? This is total adware shit that I don't want on my phone.
Next up: Operation F**k the Constitution, about how the Department of Justice, NSA and FBI manufacture a child's murder to force phone companies to decrypt their devices. Coming to a theater near you in 2017.
Yeah yeah, the last time someone bang up the drums for 1 trillion dollar market cap, Apple dived from $700 to $385 a share. It was right after the release of the iPhone 5, which was a "large screen iPhone" at the time. Back then the media sounded like Apple was dying because of Samsung.   Now that the stock has split and we are at $114 and odd ($800 pre-split), the trillion dollar drum sounds again. Financial analysts were nothing but a bunch of jerks, simply following...
$120 for 64GB in an external a brick vs. $200 for 112GB of extra built-in storage? No thanks!
When is the conference call?
 I found these the most powerful sentences in his essay: "So if hearing that the CEO of Apple is gay can help someone struggling to come to terms with who he or she is, or bring comfort to anyone who feels alone, or inspire people to insist on their equality, then it’s worth the trade-off with my own privacy." This is why I care. This is why Tim Cook coming out is important. It's because of people like him that making coming out in America easier everyday.
New Posts  All Forums: