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I read through the whole document. No where did it say the European Commission would fine Apple. It requested that Ireland forward the document to Apple and ask Apple to send bunch of agreements between the various subsidiaries. This isn't new either. It was sent to the Irish government in June and only made public now.
Apple's Settings page has become so ridiculously complex. Why they still haven't added a Search function to the app is beyond me.
I too wish there are more choices for the "Relationship" field, and an "enter your own" option. Other than that, I want to make it more visible. If I'm unconscious, will the emergency responder know how to pull up my Medical ID?
People lined up for blocks to buy the iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 6, and 6+. Hey Samsung, copy that!
 Launch weekend is always about how many phones Apple can produce. China or not doesn't matter. Apple will sell every last one they can make. If China is missing, its allotment goes to other launch countries so the number of units sold is the same either way.
I do. Doing just fine on my beta testing machine.
I'm using Quicken Essentials and thought about upgrading to this Quicken for Mac version. But after reading all these comments and learning about iBank 5, I think I'm going to iBank instead. 7 years... and they can't even give Mac users feature parity with Windows. I hate Adobe CC to death, but gotta give them credits for making Mac & PC versions working pretty much the same way on each platform.
I don't see what's the problem is. Other people with an iPhone will just see "there's a car with iBeacon here". Over time it will be a great many number of cars in the parking lot. I bet the Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, etc. are more attractive break in targets than my Chevrolet Cruz.
For people who wonder what ALS is: its most famous patient is Stephen Hawking. It's a terrible motor neuron disease where the patient slowly loses control of all muscles in his body. A family friend had it and he was totally dependent on his wife to care for his daily activities. Please support this as it is a worthwhile cause.
And I hope Jony can get rid of the gloss on the Cinema Display as well. The glossy screen is unsuitable for professional uses in anywhere but a perfectly dark room.
New Posts  All Forums: