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Yeah yeah, the last time someone bang up the drums for 1 trillion dollar market cap, Apple dived from $700 to $385 a share. It was right after the release of the iPhone 5, which was a "large screen iPhone" at the time. Back then the media sounded like Apple was dying because of Samsung.   Now that the stock has split and we are at $114 and odd ($800 pre-split), the trillion dollar drum sounds again. Financial analysts were nothing but a bunch of jerks, simply following...
$120 for 64GB in an external a brick vs. $200 for 112GB of extra built-in storage? No thanks!
When is the conference call?
 I found these the most powerful sentences in his essay: "So if hearing that the CEO of Apple is gay can help someone struggling to come to terms with who he or she is, or bring comfort to anyone who feels alone, or inspire people to insist on their equality, then it’s worth the trade-off with my own privacy." This is why I care. This is why Tim Cook coming out is important. It's because of people like him that making coming out in America easier everyday.
It was Apple who took my money. I don't care that component was sourced from supplier X, Y or Z - I bought a complete Apple computer, not parts to put together myself. Apple can duke it out with AMD all it want. If I sue, I will sue Apple.
 You probably can't use Apple Pay there. They need a payment terminal that supports Apple Pay, along with supported cards.
Apple's FQ4 (the Septmber quarter) actually ended on September 27. Like most retailers, Apple always ends its quarter on a Saturday to avoid fluctuations due to weekend sales. That means there were only 9 days for which iPhone 6 & 6+ were available. 10M have been sold on Sep 19. It will be interesting to see how many were sold in the remaining 8 days.
Even a dead clock is right twice a day. It will be interesting to see what's coming out tomorrow. Processor upgrades are old news, Retina screens are becoming routine these days. I also wonder if the magnetic remote hanger (like on the plastic iMac G5) is coming back.
It's been too long since Apple updated the Thunderbolt display. A Retina Thunderbolt Display as thin as the iMac will be most welcome. As for the Mac Pro, I don't want Apple to surprise me every few years with something revolutionary. I want Apple to have a clear, stable (and boring) roadmap that says: "we will update the Mac Pro 3 months after Intel updates their chips"
What has been to long? Retina Thunderbolt Display (since 2011), Apple TV (since 2012 with a minor update in Jan 2013), Mac Mini (since 10/2012). My guess is that it's a Mac-focused event. Steve Jobs ran the last "Back to the Mac" presentation back in 2010. 
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