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Diehard Apple fan here. But even with a gun pointed to my head, I still pick Office over iWork. Office is as close to a standard there is in the business environment. Not saying it's good one, but pretty much everyone can open your docs and spreadsheets. I wish Word has better vector graphics support. Numbers have better looking charts than Excel but loses on everything else. Excel in capable hands are powerful beyond spreadsheet. They are mini applications connecting to...
Even truffle-filled, bacon-wrapped steak in cream cheese becomes yucky if you have been having the same thing for a week. I would at least expect a rotating menu for the jurors. Would Koh eat the same thing everyday?
Now that Samsung attorneys have admitted that the infringement was willful, it should be triple whatever the jury decided. So if the jury decided $100M, which brings the total damage to $700M, should Koh triple that to $2.1 billion?
"while Samsung's lawyers argued that Apple exaggerated the importance of the five patents involved in the case" Samcrum: try to build a phone without pinch to zoom and see if anybody will buy your shit. Not that with it, your shit stinks less anyway.
We are Samsung. We have no clue until Apple shows us how to. We did it just to show the world "hey, me too"   Pathetic bastards. Only know how to duplicate other's designs.
So with Samsung admitting guilt, does it mean that there is no appeal possible? Yes, they may appeal the damage, but will they be able to appeal the "guilty" verdict from the first trial? Any I will never buy a product from Samscrum.
 Laugh it all you want, Steve Jobs did use 3D pie charts, and they can be artfully made too.
Given how bloated Photoshop has become over the years, Pixelmator was a breath of fresh air. Photoshop's GUI has gone from assuring, functional to low-contrast, web-app-like color scheme. Pixelmator still doesn't match PS one-to-one, especially when it comes to advanced filters (truck load downloadable from the web for PS) and high-end publishing process (spot colours, preflight, separation , etc.) But it's perfectly adequate to make images for a website. Much more...
I don't know how the goons at JD Power is doing their math. According to their own formula, Samsung score would be 3.52 and Apple has 4.52, 20% higher. How the hell do they rank Samsung on top? This must be a upside down world when 3.52 > 4.52. Hey JD Power, zombies ate my brain today. I ain't got any left. Can I apply to be an analyst at your firm? I would be a star.
with dual-GPU, this machine is clearly aimed at the video/effects/graphics crowd. Within that segment, no amount of internal storage will ever be enough, so external storage is a given. There are also tons of external equipment like editing boards, capture boxes, sound mixers, drawing tablets, etc. Thunderbolt 2 is a pretty good replacement for PCI Express slots (the current Mac Pro has 4 PCI-E x16 slots). For this purpose, the new Mac Pro is an impressive computer. The...
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