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While talking on my iPhone 5, sometimes (not often) the phone will ring as if someone is calling me...the phone rings only twice and quite loud. After I finish my call, then I check recent calls and it has no identification. Any help much appreciated!
Was not pleased for the costs of the repairs on iMac 24 in fourth year...hard drive and superdrive.  So, after the last fix during May 2012, I decided to sale rather than reload all my data, photos, etc and then have the iMac fail again.  Never had trouble with any other Mac so maybe it was a lemon.   The person who bought the iMac was aware of the problems I had but he is computer expert and could fix on his own. 
Just sold my intel Mac 24 and need replacement very soon.   Would current iMac be satisfactory since I do not use for fancy streaming, photography,  movies.   Mostly for MS Office, Internet, photos?
Just bought my first iPhone and have several questions: Suggestions for charging battery...been told that charging with Mac not best method? same comment about charging with car cigarette lighter? Then, someone recommended shutting down the iPhone periodically? Is this true? How often? How do it? Thanks for helping a neophyte on iPhone. Walt
Getting ready to upgrade from Leopard to Snow Leopard on my iMac (2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with 2GB Ram). Will have everything backed up on external hard drive. Are there any unusuals or warnings in upgrading? Thanks!
My 7 yr old PowerBook 15 G4 is about to crash. It has been great but I need to replace with new MacBook Pro 15. Which one 2.0GHz or 2.2 GHz? Is the 2.2 worth $400 more? I will use MacBook Pro as backup/substitute to iMac 24 plus I will use mainly for photos (very few videos), financial records (MS Office), Internet browsing. I will not need larger hard drive but not sure if I need more powerful intel chip or the stronger AMD Radeon HD? Any suggestions greatly ...
Took to Apple Store and when tested, SuperDrive failed...so had to replace since warranty expired 3 months ago...c'est la vie! Thanks for advice.
Was able to backup data using Sony CD-RW with no problems...ALSO used CD-RW and able to record iTunes playlist with no problem...just CD-Rs not work! Any help appreciated!
Strange but cannot backup data on CD using Toast Titanium?
No...have used same batch for several months without any problem until week ago.
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