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My hopes as well. I was very disappointed to hear RSS was gone from Safari with 5.2. It's one of the features I most frequently use in Safari. I also agree with the comments on the UI above.
Not true. The rounded, glossy buttons were introduced in 2005 with Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger and its redesigned Mail.Take a look: http://media.arstechnica.com/images/tiger/mail-big.jpg
This integration with Facebook is cool and all but I really think it's Facebook who should first make their official iOS app stable, fast and logical to use. Nowadays I only use it because I have yet to find a better one - the bar certainly isn't set high. With that said, I wouldn't use Facebook at all if most of my friends weren't there. The updates the service has gotten over the years haven't certainly been received with standing ovations... It's entirely different...
The A4 chip in iPhone 4 is clocked at 800 MHz rather than 1 GHz (which AI stated in the article), as I understand from a bit of googling around. Correct me if that's not true.
Why doesn't it say "Assembled in Brazil"? Or put another way, China-made models don't say "Assembled in China" in Chinese. Seems very unlike Apple to have markings on their hardware in other language than English.
I'm getting sick of this "iOSifying" thing Apple has going on.
How is one supposed to buy Jam Packs now? Are they available on the App Store?
About time. I was very surprised to see Apple did not include keyboard backlight in the current model even as a BTO option. I've grown so accustomed to the feature in my Early 2008 MacBook Pro I wouldn't want to get a notebook without it anymore.
Finally. I've been waiting this for ages now. (OK, have had my iPad only since March)
Moving the flash further apart from the lens will help prevent red eyes. As far as I'm concerned, the iPhone 4 produces horrible red eyes with its flash, although they're not really red but zombie-yellowish.
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