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The interface looks very un-Apple, IMO. They could've done better job on that.
Well here in Finland some people had to wait as long as two months (or maybe even more) to get their iPhones last year, if I remember correctly. It certainly wasn't easy to get an iPhone back then, stores were out of stock for months and got only small batches of devices at once. I'm not exactly aware of the situation in other countries, but this is how it was here.
Doesn't look too good for the Mac, so far we've seen only iPhone stuff in advance. I mean, iPhone is interesting and I'm looking forward to seeing what the new model is going to be like, but I kinda miss those WWDC:s when Apple still focused mainly on the Mac. I do hope I am wrong and we'll see some cool Mac-related things this year!
Actually, the 1920x1200 resolution was available as a configuration option since the Mid 2007 models were introduced.
Well, I haven't read any English forum threads about the issue. There are a couple of multi-page threads concerning both 3G and 3GS on Finland's largest Apple forum, though I wouldn't call it a serious or widespread issue with this little evidence. It just seems to me that it's not totally fixed. The thread, you might get something out of it with a translator: http://hopeinenomena.net/viewtopic.php?f=71&t=127366 But as always, we have to remember that the people who have...
I think I will be disappointed if Apple didn't introduce a new design this time. The current one is starting to get old, but most importantly, it looks like they have failed to address the cracking issues some people are experiencing. I personally would hope the new one will take design clues from the iPad. I'm still loving the aluminum back of my 2G iPhone!
What? iMacs and MacBook Pros were Apple's first Intel Macs, introduced in January, followed by the Mac mini a little bit later, while the MacBooks were introduced in May of the same year.
#1 would be nothing new, as we remember that Apple added locating features in 1.1.3 and street view in 2.x (don't remember correctly which version it was). I doubt we'll see a separate application, just like you said.
From what I've read Apple and Google are in talks to integrate this into iPhone's built-in Maps app. So yeah, it'll probably never come to the App Store.
Well, it was last year when I had to tear apart the mouse to clean the scroll ball, but after that I've had no problems at all. When it works, it suits my needs very well. I do admit that it's Apple's design fault if that kind of maintenance needs to be done, and like others, I hope Apple knows this and addresses it with this new King Mouse (or whatever they decide to call it this time).
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