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If a 10 inch screen can run the iPhone OS, this gives no excuse to Apple not to increase the screen size of the iPhone with bigger screen devices like the HD2 on the market now.
Half a bra. String included.
And multi-tasking.
Then get a 3GS.
That would give it too many of the iPhone's features and people will get an iPod touch instead of an iPhone.
Yes. For the cool factor.
BS alert!
4-fingered Expose. Wow, you want it to be as big as a mouse pad? Come on, this is so much better than the "mighty mouse" and people still complain. Jeez. There's something called a trackpad for a reason.
1) Download apps from the app store to increase the productivity of your iPhone. High-rated ones are more trustable. 2) I don't use Vista, but I think it should not be a problem for you. 3) Just connect your iPhone using USB to your computer and it will automatically sync you iTunes library.For the Nano Same for 1 and 2 as mentioned. I recommend you to get a 16GB model. Video recording kills memory space rather fast. Just my $0.02.
To each his own. IMO, the Hero and Pre are pretty wonderful devices in terms of OS and software. They have capabilities to expand on. However, their hardware and OS integration is shitty save Android. With Android's future on laptops and it being under Google, I'm pretty sure it'll be very successful if Google works on its hardware design.
New Posts  All Forums: