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Haha. But we had to put up with no MMS for so long.. But we finally have it and it works like a dream!
+1. I, however, am switching from an iPod Touch to a new Classic. I have 80GB of music and 20GB of videos on my iTunes and my 32GB 3GS is already full. Thus, a Touch would be of little meaning to me since I have an iPhone, an iPod Classic would be a wise choice for me..l
I'm in Singapore and Malaysia on holiday these few days. I went to Singtel and checked out the 3GS and it costs S$848 on their cheapest plan there. For a 32GB 3GS, it would cost S$1548 with a $25/month data plan while on the $192/month data plan, it would cost a whooping $4608 ) and Malaysia is via Maxis if I'm not wrong.. All iPhones can only be bought via the official Singtel/ Maxis stores in Singapore/Malaysia ... So I guess a plan is required.. Here in Connecticut, a...
Finally. Palm should just come up with their own syncing methods and stop leeching off others.
It looks nice. But design is ugly compared to iPhone and WM = FAIL!! IMO
My 3GS is doing pretty well. SE is disgusting. You bought an iPhone from Singapore.. ( Singtel I believe.. ).. Was it unlocked or direct from Singtel?
I wonder..
o rly? :d
The iPhone is great under direct sunlight. Use an OLED screen and see what happens. Your arguments are completely senseless. You're just flogging a dead horse.
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