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www.ifixit.com Buy a replacement kit there.
http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=793171 Same issue. Use this guide to help you.
Aww! That too is my favourite.. Kinda addictive..
http://forums.macrumors.com/showthre...=wifi+problems More on similar Wifi problems.
Yes sir, the N900 comes with a disgusting stylus! Anyway, besides my 32GB 3GS, I have bought an 8GB 3G as a spare phone. I tried out a BB Bold and my, I didn't know that BB keyboards were rather cramped! I looked at the Pre in real life and it really did not appeal to me at all. I guess the Apple has won my heart with their products.
What do you like to snack on between meals, during a movie, while studying, etc? I'm not much of a "snacker", but I do enjoy my ice cream, plain chocolate being my all-time favourite flavour. I'll have the fancy ones though. Currently I'm working on a cherry ice cream with chocolate chunks in it. Other than that, I tend to go for handfuls of almonds that we roast ourselves. We actually just fry them up in a frying pan, but whatever. They're fantastic, and healthy...
Guys, how about the new Blackberry Onyx? What do you think of that phone?
I'll check out the Pre. I want nothing to do with a stylus!
Hah. iTouch sounds like a paedophile gadget..
I wanna try out a new interface.. Storm 2 looks nice too.
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