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[QUOTE=Mac Voyer;1485499]No. I'm getting a second phone that can be used in everyday school life. Something as close as an iPhone. Although iPhone remains number 1 on my list as the best phone I've ever used, HTC Pro 3 looks kinda nice ..
I may be getting another phone besides my 3GS as my second phone for usage. Below are some of my suggestions. 1) Blackberry Bold 2) Blackberry Storm 3) Nokia N900 4) HTC Pro 3 5) Palm Pre Which would you choose and why?
Thanks for that. The quoted link is a good example.
I'm sick of all these bickering between Apple and Google over this GV issue. Maybe they're doing this to avoid anti-trust issues that the FCC claim?
The white iPod is now a legacy. We still have it on the iPhone 3G 16GB / 3GS and it is really nice. Maybe the Touch will see a camera next year.
*Reinvented*. However when Apple takes a longer time to settle the kinks, it'll turn out nice and polished. Look at cut, copy and paste. Completely special and not the usual WM clunky style.
We'll see what happens in 2010 and where the iPhone will head to/ stay with AT&T.
:d haha!
They hear it everyday. With Ballmer= EPIC FAIL!
Yep, pretty much. Mroogle for mac help if needed. It's in my sig.
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