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There are some negatives about this anodized coating like cracking.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anodizi...ized_aluminium Have a read more about this. Hope it helps you.
What's there to review the iPod Touch 3G about? It's just a speed bump and that's all. Nothing else changed after all. And the speed bump should be equal to that of the 3GS.
No, they are not going to refund you any money. It's a matter of patience. Anyway, I think what they did was very surprising IMO.
Ah, nice spot. Thanks. Is that part of OS 3.1 BTW?
That's good. However, I have a strong feeling that Palm will come up with a break in 2 weeks time..
Yes. I believe it's softer for keyboard clicks only.
+111111!!! IT'S DAMN IPOD TOUCH PEOPLE, NOT ITOUCH! iTouch is some kind of paedophile gadget..
You'll see Ballmer fake stepping on the iPhone. After the curtains ( if they have any ) close, Ballmer will ask thaat employee to lend him the iPhone and he'll be drooling over it and admiring it like crazy!
No. Linux= Failure.
Great! This is better!
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