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It's called being a cheapo.
Thanks for the advice. Guess I'll be staying with my iPod Touch for now and I'll get a 160GB Classic in a few days time.
I already have a 32GB 3GS on launch day. BTW, thanks for the advice. Guess I'll keep my 1st gen Touch.
Who's Katie?
+1! Nice examples BTW.
Hello?? APPLE MADE iTunes and Safari FOR PC USERS WHO REQUIRE THEM. What has that got to do with Microsoft locking down on Apple's software? With your suggestion, they are just going to screw themselves, MS users and not Apple, wisecrack. Palm is violating regulations by doing that.
Not Palm. They are despisable by also following the "One more thing" thing.
OK, people read this and be clear. Comparing the iPod Touch ( 3rd gen ) to the iPhone ( I'll take the 3GS as an example. ) iPod Touch does not have - Phone. - Camera + Video recording. - GPS. - Compass. - Some apps work only for iPhones. - SMS/MMS. These are significant enough features ( save the compass ) to acknowledge that the iPod Touch is not just an iPhone without a phone. The other factors are big and these draw a clear line between iPod and iPhone. If...
You can. But, of course I'm not in full control.
Yup. At least BB does not copy but creates its own support. Palm= Losers
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