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Bottom line: nothing will change until we start exercising our second amendment rights for sometime other than shooting our neighbors and making watermelon shooting videos on YouTube Our rights are being stripped away until the only right left is the one meant to defend all the others. We are an apathetic nation..proven by how little things have changed in the aftermath of the Snowden revelations. It's not apples fault or googles fault or even the government faults....
I agree here. Build it into iOS
Why would a company abandon a multi billion dollar business? I hate them just as much as the next Apple fan but let's be logical, SS is making money off their phones...via apple R&D sadly
How could they do such a thing!!! Violated an NDA, and willingly. OMG this is a serious 1st world problem
...I in line with you but I iPhone sales is slightly over 50% of revenue.Either way your point is valid
...with 4 returns
...why doesn't Apple just create their own fab factories. Hire the knowledge base, buy the equipment and start small.
I'll see the movie...after paying to see something else then walking in on his film
If you think this was hit...wait til IP7 next year. All new design most likely. Everyone with a IP6 and higher will upgrade. I'm willing to guess mostly IP5S and lower are currently upgrading.
I agree. Also...I don't understand why they are blaming Apple. That's like blaming the the shop that sold me the gun i used on you when broke in my house. Content owners went to extreme and Apple is giving users on option to cut that extreme at the knees.Build an app. Put up a paywall. Stand on the corner! They made their fate. Adjust to it
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