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Great!. Now all we need are some good games
Unless that employee was trained on how to spot thieves then he needs to sit back, stfu, sell Apple products and let security do their jobs. This is discrimination if not racially motivated at the least.
I'm on year 2 and don't miss em
Sounds about right. It's a problem but not really a problem. My android using friends don't side load apps. I'm sure few people do...much less business persons as the article suggested.Now if these were google play apps, I'd be texting this news to all my apple hater friends
Yeah I took mines back 2 years ago. Don't even miss it. Now all Apple needs to do is create their own content and offer and Hulu Netflix combo.:-) then Hulu and Netflix will be like HBO and showtime. Subscribe for one month and watch all the backed up episodes.13 episodes of game of thrones is two weekends. Daredevil is 10 work days. You just have to wait out the season
Just one of two company I'll not patronage. Im sure we all know the second.
+1. This is their last mobile stronghold. Take this out and watch investors, analysts, pundits and profit abandon Samsung like vermin on a sinking ship.Just do it already Apple.
...make unlimited unlimited. Get rid of the data caps. Institute throttling across ALL users. Divide resources by X number of users. If no one is using the network at 3am why not allow users to stream Netflix without data penalties.
Bottom line: nothing will change until we start exercising our second amendment rights for sometime other than shooting our neighbors and making watermelon shooting videos on YouTube Our rights are being stripped away until the only right left is the one meant to defend all the others. We are an apathetic nation..proven by how little things have changed in the aftermath of the Snowden revelations. It's not apples fault or googles fault or even the government faults....
I agree here. Build it into iOS
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