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They should have did this long ago. Get the best content creators and create some originals. Reinvent Star Trek. Fill in the blanks of the star wars universe. And my god fix xmen. How can you have decades of good comic books and turn out such $hitty movies
You're right. If you spend $10 on this and that you're up to $60 plus internet connection and you're back to your cable bill. Navigating around this transition period of HBO, showtime...going solo takes some patience and sacrifice. Here's what I've done so far1. Cut the cord.2. Sacrificed sports. Not paying to watch it3. Picked up Hulu and Netflix as my staples4. Get HBO Only AFTER GOT current season is over. Then for a month I binge watch on the other shows5. Ditto for...
WHAT HE SAID!!! Thanks. You saved me 10 min of typing my thoughts out
Same here. You too!
I'm not use to wearing a watch. As a result I'm banging my Awatch on something CONSTANTLY. walls. Desk. Tables. Doors.Not a scratch. When I mean not a scratch I mean nothing. Maybe some smudges
Which ones did you get?It had taken me about a week to understand that the device is requires different...thought. It's not for content creation or consumption. It's not a communicator or browser or MP3.I think it's that extra drizzle sauce on your $80 steak plate. It adds sonething memorable an already delicious dish(apple product collection).Two months in and I just started using the fitness aspects of the watch. Combined w the phone and some good apps I'm tracking my...
....I haven't wore a watch since 17 and I'm 41 now. 2 months ago...I went in to an Apple Store just to "look" at the watch and walked out wearing one. It really is a quality product. Side note. I watched the Samsung keynote and man it was garbage. An hour of them say how awesome and stellar the phone is by very little on details. 60 min of my life wasted
HAHA that would be wrong. I'd love to see that headline though
I think first questions is 1. Are they actually underpaid and working in subhumane conditions? If not what's the problem
There was nothing to fix. I'm not saying android doesn't have a fix to make. They do. I'm saying this proof of concept is overblown.
New Posts  All Forums: