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Maybe. But...if I'm buying something with intent to keep for 2-4 years 150 isn't much of a difference. Once pebble's sales figures start reporting in post apple watch release we'll know
Ehh I'm not too sure. Amazon for example runs on thin margins. I think they can carve a niche. It's just not going to be at the 200+ price point.I could be wrong but that's my position
200 for core features OR 350 for core features plus. 150 is too close for someone considering dropping 350. Now if Awatch started at 500 then the price gap is wide enough to be in different markets.
"...or shutter doors"
They'll make something. Thin margins perhaps but something. Their price point I think is unsustainable with competition like Apple.And what happens next year with Pebble when gen 1 apple watch is reduced to 329 or 299?Thin margins or shuttered doors
Yeah they do but you also need to make sales. Either you're going to go head to head with Apple or you're going to stay clear. At their price points they're attending the same party
I think Pebble needs to reduce their price. 200-250 for a Pebble is a stones throw away from Apple's 350. They need to have their best watch under 200...say 149. That would get me on board as well as my 14 year old kid
Ehh. Disgruntled android users
Ehh. I'm fine with what I have. IP6. These phones are beginning to be overkill will functionality. Most people don't even use most of what they can do. Sexting candy crush, Web surfing and making X videos. That's about 90 percent of smart phone owners. With that said, I'd prefer to see the 6s upgrades in a 5s body...with the great battery life of the IP6
You're right. The should focus on debugging iOS. But hey if you can't deal with a few issues that WILL be fixed, hop off the train and report back in a year your android experience.I'll never touch that OS. My GF Had the GS4 and it was such a horrible experience
New Posts  All Forums: