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Well...I like the rumor mills. Also I like knowing what's coming so I can budget some money in...even though I have no idea what that iwatch is gonna be priced. Figure anything above $129, I'll wait for the refresh and get the discounted model
The end goal is limiting trolls...via cc validation
Ok. Fair enough
I say a lot. I post on a motorcycle forum and they require a credit card. Annual subscription. Free for folks that want to browse. Cost to be able to post.Make it add free for incentive. But getting rid of that 1% troll would be worth it IMO. Trolls degrade the value of the site...high jacking an otherwise informative conversion on apple
I think I lost you.ProblemTrolls flooding AI. When the accts are determined to be troll owned, they are deleted. Trolls then simply create another acct and continue their rantsSolutionAll accts have a credit card on file that can be verified as being active(see pay pal as an example). If credit card is attached to a troll acct that card is blacklisted and the troll acct is denied login access to post on AI. IF a new acct attempts to use that credit blacklisted card, the...
Lol. I prefer they buy that next POS. They don't deserve to own an idevice
Not credit check. U submit a credit card attached to your acct. that's no different than if it was a pod site except you're not paying anything
Possibly but I think there are ALOT of regulars here that would welcome that extra security.
Maybe. Just automate it. In fact, make it part of the verification process when u sign up. New user? Yes. Does credit card match a banned one? Yes. Stop new acct process.Eventually it'll be cost prohibitive and time consuming for these guys to troll the site. FFS they don't even try to hide that they're trolling anymore. They just start blurting BS w no coherence
...why doesn't apple insider require a credit card to authenticate? That way when these trolls post you blacklist the card associated with the acct. trolls will eventually run out of cards. As it stands now, you kill one user acct, they make another
New Posts  All Forums: