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Maybe not mow the lawn, but come on, mifi hotspots via phones is starting to catch on with smartphones now. I think it makes sense to add this in. I'm not asking it to diagnose a brain tumor that won't appear until 2014. Let me rephrase better to this....I think being able to view live video through qik is more flexible than requiring two dedicated phones. Do you disagree with person A having a video capturing phone and person B can be at a computer, or possible...
Yeah, that whole updating thing really concerns me. Fragmentation is not my friend
:-), actually I would rather the iPhone have wifi hotspot(yeah, i was referring to this when I mentioned tethering) capability without needing to jailbreak. My girl and I are in an ongoing debate about crossing over to the EVO. I'm comfortable with a noticeable drop in quality and product completeness for a couple of nice apps(how it handles video and GV integration). My problem is every time we talk about it she raises some good points about the iphone and I'm left...
Anyone planning on getting the EVO instead of the iPhone? I was looking at the EVO yesterday and it looks pretty good. It lacks the polish, ease of use and overall general high quality of the iPhone but some features you just can't overlook. The tethering devices for example. I have a wifi iPad and love it but while camping over the weekend it would have been great if I couldve accessed the net on it. That Qik app on the droid also seems to be more...usable than the...
*cough cough* you meant mac
Dude what does this have to do with the topic?
I'm curious. If ATT blames iPhone users for clogging their network, and apple goes to another network, what will happen to all the android, pre and other smart phones going to do to their network. Yeah, users of those phones use their phones less than iphone users but they'll be using data non the less.
They would be good if the data/tier was sufficient. 25mb clearly is not. An iphone user, or any other smartphone user, needs at least 250mb for the lowest tier
25mb?!? Hmmm. download Countdown with keith olberman(9.9mb), Rachel Maddow(9mb), one song from itunes(4mb) and using google maps gps for a trip somewhere(1mb) I'd be out of data in 1 Day!!!! I wouldnt touch verizon with these draconian plans. Yeah your plan has been reduced but consider this Att A-List(with google voice as one of my numbers) $60 Beejive(All texting is unlimited, even to other mobiles) Free Data plan(unlimited) $30 Verizion Calling and...
Yeah, I agree with and most posting here. 400-600 and I'd by it. Anything more than that....my iphone will will suffice
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