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Hosting that information on its "secure cloud-hosted network," Damn this quote cracks me up every time I read it. Almost as funny as Eric Schmidt saying Google is more secure than ios.
Tim is gay?!! That's it. I'm not buying any more apple! I couldn't even type that BS with a straight face. Good for Tim! He was a great COO. I'm sure he's going to continue to be a great CEO and he seems like great person in general. Keep up the great work and ignore the hateful slurs of ignorant closeminded people.
No one sees my iPhone since it's mostly in pocket when out and about. For all they know I could have a $hitty android device. But the moment my watch is visible, reaching for something or on public Trans holding the rails, they know I have at least $1000 in Apple gear on me. Plus there's know way that I know of where you can get your watch back in case of theftI'd prefer affordable but come on 350? That is a bit much. I know it's quality. No argument there. But so is the...
Well...if 500 isn't alot of money folks would all be buying their phones off contract. 200 for a phone with 20 bucks paid every month is a steal. 500 in one shot....not too many folks
Maybe but at 170 that is an expensive watch so you're paying alot. I've read little about pebble being a garbage device. No frills doesn't mean it's junkI'm sure you're right but I'm also sure that they just priced alot of people out.One big concern too is theft. Someone is not going to Jack me for my pebble. 350 watch...minimum? Yeah I'm taken.
At 350 min, not likely. They priced it out of alot of people's pocket range. Mines for sure. 350 for an accessory item?!? I was willing to do 200, maybe even 250. I'll go with the pebble instead.
Easily. Pack two years of hardware innovation vs annual increments. If folks are holding on to their iPads longer, why push out hardware enhancements annually? For the few(millions)that are upgrading on an S cycle for example.The tech is not again fast enough or innovating slow enough to need users to upgrade annually.Folks that are on the non "S" models would likely be ok waiting for the "S" model. While others that are on S cycle sees no difference in purchasing cycles
That's why it's a media hub.Streaming Netflix and hulu32GB of movies and musicMusic streamingMy kid got my ipad2. I picked up the retina mini. But in a prior post on this thread, the hardware can skip a year. The longevity of the iPad doesn't necessitate annual upgrades
:-) not me. I upgraded to the retina mini. Kid got my iPad 2 and iPad 1 went to living room. Point though is the iPad's hardware/software is so good, yearly refresh is overkill. Apple could easily skip a year and keep up w innovation and lead competition.
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