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IOS app Beejive. you can text most phones. Some cheap phones on sub networks like ntelos...wont allow ext to go through. But for your avg smart phone it's a non issue. There's also a dozen and one text app thats a good workaround...google voice, IM+ pro...even YIM.
they're not getting it
Guess dry humor must've gotten canceled the same time Friends went off air. Ahh I miss chandler's jokes. At least Barney from "how I met your mother" is around
Yeah...guess so. Oh well. i'll read through all absent minded replies
The whole post was sarcasm. No need for the detailed product sale numbers and so forth. And definitely not the "stfu" blurb. If you really took the time to ANALYZE my post you would see. 1. It's very pro apple. I make claims to great products, they're recently released OS that I purchased on day one and my last paragraph about them coming out with successful products one after another 2. The last paragraph couldn't make sense from a business standpoint if you tried. I...
Yeah, was bored so had some stray thoughts needing organizing
Recent news states the iPad is cannabilizing mac sales. LMAO. Really Apple. They're creating great products to kill off their...other great products. This is why Apple is gonna eventually fail Also, I think the Mac App store will be an epic fail. The problem is not the store but Apples other products. See, they've made portable devices so user friendly and efficient, who now-a-days gets on their mac. I haven't been on my Mini since I downloaded Lion(Awesome OS...
Gotta get an apple logo too
I downloaded it this morning. Cant wait to play with it when i get home. What's neat though is that this most likely will spur sales of their mouse and trackpad. I now plan on spending an unplanned 70 bucks(i think that's the price) just to see what these gestures are about and how i can use them to make things easier(cooler) My house is looking more and more like an apple retail store.
To all. My apologies. Not lying. Was misinformed. Price argument is no longer valid
New Posts  All Forums: