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I know everyone's needs are different but 32gb of space should not run dry. That us unless you're trying to to have EVERYTHING on your phone. In which case you need a dropbox subscription. 32gb is enough space for an acceptable about of music vids and apps.
Dude, i was anti-apple for a LOOONNNNGGG time...until i got the iPhone. Fact is, they produce high quality products and until other companies stand on there feet and do the same, we'll be seeing more apple litigation.
i agree mostly but I think with iCloud coming they should make the 4s 8gb. Then make the iphone 5 16gb and 32gb. As for the ipod touch...leave the 3g off and give it a bigger screen...for gaming, productivity etc
So they not only will retain jobs in a merger environment where jobs are typically lost, but they will hire another 5k. OMG is the middle class getting crapped on by corporations!
Low man on the totem pole needs to attract customers. There's only two ways to do it. Offer better products for less: iphone is same price across the board, or, offer offer better services for less. T-mobile NEEDS to keep there plans cheaper than the other three if they want to attract more customers(assuming all networks are avail to you)
They pay subs for android devices also...almost comparable to what they pay apple. They're losing money BECAUSE they're losing high paying post paid customers. It's not the subsidies, it's consumer hemorrhaging(high churn rate) Once they get the iphone, they may experience some growing pain, but they'll be retaining customers
Are they less profitable because they lack a crowd pleaser like the iphone? Folks really aren't jumping carriers for androids. But, if you get the iphone, on a good network in your area and at a competitive price(T-mobiles current offerings), then the influx of switchers could propel them to greater profitability.
We don't know why Apple didn't go with T mobile first or second. Since we don't know what financials, demands... folks were asking for, we don't know what made more sense. IF, all four carriers had the iphone and ALL four carriers had similar coverage in your general area, who would you sign up with...I'm guessing whoever offers the most for the least. So either all four carriers will have similar prices or one will be the cheapest. If T-mobile wants to attract...
That could be apple's introduction into the telecom industry. Call it iNet or iSky...OR Skynet!
If they keep their prices consistent, AND, get the iphone, i think you will see a mad dash from ATT/Verizon to tmobile. I know the same was said when Verizon got the iphone, but the issue there was the plans were more or less the same. Not so with t-mobie.
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