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They should just hire him. Apparently he knows something Apple doesn't. On another note, I JB'ed my phone last week and my battery drains in like 6 hours. I've installed a firewall and removed all themes. OpenSSH is not installed on my computer. any ideas?
Can you prove that it was? This analysis is leading the witness. The guy attempts to make a correlation between consumers buying the itouch for gaming vs buying the DS for the same purpose. Did you/he think to realize that DS sales are dropping because as someone mentioned on here is due to the recession, and the fact kids/teens will generally have one or the other and not both. The DS does gaming better, but the itouch does everything else extremely better with a...
you mac guys crack me up! You hear about apple coming out with an itable...a product you've never seen, don't know what the design or hardware specs, how it will work and you just want it!!! For all you know it could be crap. Just because Apple makes a great phone, hardware/software and an awesome eco-system to support it, you think this is tablet is going to be a great product!?! Yeah...you're right. I'm already saving my money to get one too
I understand what you're saying and I agree. But, what more improvements can you add to the iphone. Maybe a sleek slideout keyboard? The problem is the phone is so good you're hard pressed to make it better. As a side note, I've gone through a different phone every year for the past 5 years. Since I purchased the iphone, I have no plans on buying another phone. It would have to break first. The iphone is that good
You know...what if we're wrong? What if MS stores are a success? How many of us would be back peddling our statements about the stores since their announcement? Don't get me wrong, I'd be one of them saying "damn, I put my foot in my mouth" Just a what if.
It staggers me how many people are saying thinks like "if Apple doesn't provide this or that for the iphone, I'm out of hear!" Two things 1. Apparently people forget the pre-iphone days where glitches, crashes and expensive POS apps were the norm. You spent $30 bucks for a windows music app on your HTC just to have it blow your video settings out. I had a treo 700 before the iphone and if I installed ANY app, i was guaranteed I have to do a OS restore because it broke...
Beejive is a nice app!!!
After I upgraded to 3.0 to get push notification, is there really a need to upgrade further? MMS? Send an email. Better search features? There's an app for that. Improved calendar? There's an app for that too. So why update and risk having your battery bleed out or your wifi stop working...in addition to your tethering(jailbroken) not working? BTW, I have beehive and I can send pics through there to any mobile just fine.
As a side note completely unrelated to your message. :-)...I use the message app Beejive. When I first bought it 2 months ago I would send a pic and they would get a link to the pic...but, they couldn't open it. About 2 weeks ago, I tried again and it worked. Go figure
Dude, you just did Radio Shack a disservice. :-), I would in fact prefer RS to the MS store. I don't own an xbox and will never own a zune, so what would they possibly sell that I would want?
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