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A much easier way would be to use garage band to create the ringtone and it will export it to the itunes ringtone directory...
What gives? Iphones sell extremely well without promotions. Why all the discounts? Because it’s going to Verizon next year baby!!! They’re emptying their inventory, letting ATT get as many customers as they can in preparation for Verizon. It’s the only strategy I see anyway.
But here’s an easier one. When you subscribe, select the option “share my info” or something similar. You then fill in all the info about you that you want to share.
Same experience when I purchased my ipad in release day. They had ipods with our info on them confirming our orders while we(300+ excited shoppers) waited in line. As soon as the doors opened I was in and out...ipad purchased, activated and bagged in under 5 minutes...literally! Booting my Windows work laptop takes longer to boot up.
I just wish he'd remove ascii. His post is bordering trolling
I think this is a great idea. Refine it a bit. A message hits your iphone app telling you you're next and proceed to counter 4 or service...or something like that. On another note, I'm starting a food cart business and this will work great. On campus students use their ID cards, that double as debit cards, for purchases. I'm thinking use this along with a mifi/jailbroken iphone with mifi to take transactions live. Cash or credit, we can take both
I see where you're going, but I think even if they take a hit on the returned phones they reap a few other benefits 1. They get the best phone on the market 2. They lock in customers. Most cellphone users stay with their carriers past the 2yr agreement unless there is some mitigating reasons to drive them off. 3. They will most likely pull some att customers, who, may have purchased junk phones or even an iphone in waiting for the verizon iphone. 4. Lastly, prestige...
I hear you but we already get those 7 shows now...for $70 via Dish. What we're want/hope is to get those shows and only those shows for say....$30-$40. If Apple TV can get that to us, that'll just be one more Apple product in a long list of Apple products in our house. Also, in one extreme case we even wait a year to see Dexter on Netflix vs paying the $11 to watch it on showtime.
Between me and my girl we watch...7 shows. At 24 episodes a season that's 168 bucks/season!!! And that doesn't include the BS channels you get with Dish.If Apple or anyone else wants a model like this to work they need to charge something like 4.99 a season! Anything more and it really doesn't pay to switch from my $70 Dish plan. $24/season is just way too much.
For a forum post, this was very good reading!!! Much better than some of the dribble I've read. Thanks!!!
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