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Thanks for the tip
I've gotten more from my $110 on t-mobile than anything att offered for the same price. Here's the extras for the SAME cost A second line for my kid Included tethering for my iPad Free music streaming WiFi calling And now rollover data!!! Nice tmo!
...there should be a standing law that plaintiff pays the defendants legal fees if they lose. There's no way a law firm would take this on if they had no clear path for a win. 10 years? How much in legal fees would they be paying for Apple's lawyers. This would surely stop all the bogus lawsuits
I side with ktappe on this one. I'll shop blk Friday bot not thanksgiving. Holidays is not a right but a "best buy" operating on a holiday is not going to stoke employee loyalty or good sentiment.Give them the holiday off and reap your profits on black Friday! Not the day before.
That first gen iPad compared to today's model is huge AND heavy...but it's a workhorse!We use it for our apple TV and guests that need to use a "computer". I like that it can take a beating. It's been dropped more than Id like to mention but all that aluminum keeps it running.
Sorry to hear about her misfortune, but, if racism wasnt an inherent problem business wouldn't be "required" to hire colored minorities or minorities in general.
I second that. Giving my 5s to my kid as an upgrade and will forgo the 6 for another 5s.
Ehh. I'm skipping shopping because these stores are encroaching on people's holiday. What employee wants to spend thanksgiving with their coworkers. They'll see me ON black Friday. Not before
...what we have and what corporations pay is two totally different realities. Most multi-million dollar companies are paying far less than the 35% required. Definitely the top 20 most profitable. Apple last year was 30.5 correct me if I'm wrong. That 5 percent rounded...who makes up the difference in that lost revenue? And that was just the US money. Over seas? Ill wager far less.
Me? I'm tired of these companies skirting around not paying tax. I had a 27% effective tax rate and make below 60k. You have billion dollar corporations with a NEGATIVE effective tax rate. WTF. If you're not going to pay your taxes then tariffs the $hit out of their products. You want to sell your products in your homeland country? You pay your tax or they don't sell. This isn't just directed to Apple BTW. Im pro apple(typing this out on an IP5S...using SwiftKey...
New Posts  All Forums: