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it's a top tier product for being a first gen. BTW what model did you get? Why?+1 on the mod watch face. I'm really impressed with the simplicity of the device yet being very comprehensive in its functionality.
Very true. Most things I do on it needs a tap or two and the crown so hands is needed. I don't use it for personal fitness at all! It's the other stuff I use it forWith that said my battery life was at 50 percent after 15 hours of useTop 5 apps I useLA fitness card readerDark skySiriIMessageCalendarThe UI is very well thought out. Anyone else with a top 5 list?
After watching applewatch videos for a couple months I finally bought one. 42mm sport. It was hard justifying the purchase. Didn't really have a need for it but the more I use it the more I see the value in it other than being a piece of jewelry. I'm really liking this thing. The glances and complications really help to make the watch
So where is the middle class one time tax holiday? Oh yeah that went out the door with NAFTA and soon to be TPP Lol this is ridiculous. Cook said in his quarterly call the middle class in China will go from 14 to 54 percent by 2022 Meanwhile the middle class here in US is facing increased tax burden pushed on to them and less jobs So sad
...doubtful it would cost THAT much. But what it would do is make the iPod a different and compelling product. It would refresh that class of device.As it is now, refreshing with the same tech just upgraded makes it feel stale.
...makes sense. In fact I would have liked to have seen all three of your suggestions in the new iPod. Then the device would have been extremely compelling.
....I'm not paying for ad free content. When an ad comes on I do what I normally do... Finish eating dinner Check iMessage Pay a bill online Grab a drink Don't pay more. Multitask people!!!
I'd like to see them make it a visual message notifier. Text message gives it a blue color. Email makes it red....
...what is the difference between force touch and long press. Sounds the same to me
Pass. I think gathering your Sexual activity is a bit far reaching. Not downing the feature though. Just not something I'm opting in to
New Posts  All Forums: