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I do. Here's why. Tim maintains apples culture but we know he's more loose on the ropes than SJ. We don't know how much talent SJ may have suppressed in other. Tim might be willing to let more "nos" be "yes'".If this thought is true then Tim is doing what's needed to flip a no to yes.
Companies don't get it? If you follow apples plan everyone eats a hearty meal. Once you start going against Apple you'll profit for a time but eventually get crushed over the long run Example Samsung Google and Apple all had full bellies when the iPhone initially released. Sammy and goog got greedy, branched out, started making money but where are they now? Android is a mess, Sammy stuck with millions of unsold phones and crashing profits. The music industry was in...
Something has to be done with ads. I'm moving more and more to podcasts vs reading content due to ads. Have you been on flipboard recently? There's more ads than content. They popular, overlay, redirect.Content providers will get on board or get left behind. Users will go to wherever there's a better experience for their time or money. Right now?...readable content is providing a poor experience due to ads
Ehh. Maybe. I think the Pc market was already stagnant. I'd say the Mac and apples collective portfolio of devices caused the disruption. Not just solely the iPad
Read the post again. Laptop killer
Does a disruptive service need to post Apple like profits. 33bil a quarter. Prior posts said apple watch was disruptive. Where do you think those profits are going to come in at.Disruptive does not equate to record unheard of profits.
If yours wasn't one of the states that's fine. I didn't say all. Apparently enough care for folks to use the service for drivers to make money and for to embedment entities to take a closer look.Does a disruptive service need to impact most?
:-) apparently that 5% is enough to send countries(France) and U.S. States(NY) in an uproar. Who said a large percentage was enough to be disruptive?Btw how long did it take the iPhone to disrupt said list above and how much of the population was needed to do it?
It doesn't have to be remotely close. The disagreement was uber not being a disruptive service.
Gps. Ok.Music player. OkAll others stretching it. Here's my point. To call uber a non disruptive service I think in general is disingenuous. It fixed a problem that have been plaguing travelers and commuters for years. It solved a problem and in a creative way...no matter how simplistic it looks.
New Posts  All Forums: