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Unless it costs less than the cheapest current gen iPod touch, I pass. Love apple but a $300 watch? If they want to sell these things cut that in half. Otherwise its adoption rate will be on par with google glasses. They did right by the first iPad, continue with that aggressive price scheme and these will sell like bottled water in hell
I see your point to an extent. I don't think its arrogance as much as it's just apple users rarely have to troubleshoot their devices.I have 12 apple products in my house and we've had to trouble shoot(excluding jailbreak issues)....zero(0). All of it just worksI think what happens is a common apple user loses their mojo when it comes to diagnostics and repair because we enjoy products that rarely break
Listen, I don't claim to know a lot about stocks and margins and ratios BUT I do know when someone doesn't know there job. And these fools(analysts) have no clue wtf they're talking about. Wait and see if this 9 mil in sales is just early adopters and see if it tapers down?!?! Of course it's gonna taper down! But you'd be a fool to think apple is not gonna have a record quarter in iPhone sales. What more proof do they need that Apple knows what they're doing and everyone...
im done w att. sorry guys. gotta rant here for a bit. ive been with att for 9 years and never had a billing issue. well student loans and other stuff came calling due. i got back up on my bill and phone was cut off. my fault, no problem Called to get my phone back on and theyre charging me $40. i politely ask for a waiver. i mean really, i give them $100 a month for 9 years...what the heck. why not NOPE. dude goes on about about it bein mandatory. i understand but i...
...otterbox. case solved. anyone barkbacking their $700 phone in their pocket deserves whatever scratches it gets. this coming from a guy typing on a cracked screen iphone. hmmm. i should take my phone back to able for failing a 5 foot drop and skid "test" on concrete and get a refund. actually, for the fall it took i expected a completely shattered screen. ...we all love to hold our iphones caseless. but going bareback with it in your pocket is sure to get a scratch...
that was just wrong. Funny as hell though
like color really matters. after cracking my screen, twice, iphone now sits in an otterbox. what good is a flashy back, no matter how gorgeous that damn gold looks, when you cant show it off. besides, im more interested in IOS 7 then the actual hardware upgrade.
ROTFL are you saying you dont pork and beef to go with your milk
true,true but i think the hammer hitting the nail is being label as violating antitrust laws. having that over your head could bring a ton of unwanted government attention and possibly easier cases made against you.
Damn imessages! I had TWO(2) messages go out as text, that counted towards my unlimited text plan. unacceptable. jokes aside, apples doing a great job. I'm waiting for them to become a data only carrier...optimized for IOS devices. i think that would be a multiplier effect where android users would drop their devices and flock to apples idevices just to use their competitvely priced network.
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