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Ehh. I'm fine with what I have. IP6. These phones are beginning to be overkill will functionality. Most people don't even use most of what they can do. Sexting candy crush, Web surfing and making X videos. That's about 90 percent of smart phone owners. With that said, I'd prefer to see the 6s upgrades in a 5s body...with the great battery life of the IP6
You're right. The should focus on debugging iOS. But hey if you can't deal with a few issues that WILL be fixed, hop off the train and report back in a year your android experience.I'll never touch that OS. My GF Had the GS4 and it was such a horrible experience
Consumers create jobs. Without us there is no sale
When will the common American citizen get tax holiday. We drive the economy but get the brunt of tax burden. Wtf
Blackberry. Window phones actually are "that" bad
I agree. It is cool. Problem is its several years late to market. My iPhone 6 is all the computer I need for on the go. If I'm near an HDMI TV Im near my iPad
I say apple pull out and cede that ground to Android. Probably won't reduce product usage much since there will undoubtedly be a black market springing up
Lower it to what? Maybe 1 or 2 fortune 500 companies pay the 35% rate. Everyone else is 26, 21, 18.
Why buy? I doubt apple needs the hardware division. The few patents Nintendo may carry can be licensed if needed.Apple just needs rights(by proxy) to get access to the game library.Maybe it would make sense to do a roundabout...buy Nintendos library of games then license it BACK to Nintendo. I doubt apple needs the hardware division
Exactly. BUT, I'll take apple content in leui of a la cart
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