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....I haven't wore a watch since 17 and I'm 41 now. 2 months ago...I went in to an Apple Store just to "look" at the watch and walked out wearing one. It really is a quality product. Side note. I watched the Samsung keynote and man it was garbage. An hour of them say how awesome and stellar the phone is by very little on details. 60 min of my life wasted
HAHA that would be wrong. I'd love to see that headline though
I think first questions is 1. Are they actually underpaid and working in subhumane conditions? If not what's the problem
There was nothing to fix. I'm not saying android doesn't have a fix to make. They do. I'm saying this proof of concept is overblown.
I think android users that switch don't switch because of security. Android/iOS users frequently hear media trumping up new security flaws. Android more so than iOS but it's media news on both sides. They're thinking is probably more like, they are both security issues but iPhone offer a better experience so I'll switch.
PR Damage control perhaps? To show that they're doing "something". I feel anyone hawking the improbable is fearmongering.
...what are you more concerned with. Catching the flu or Ebola? Proof of concept is a non real-world theory. Keep in mind I'm not defending android but like Apple Touch ID issue, this borders fearmongering
I'm not talking the severity. I'm talking possibility. The severity of a Texas sized asteroid hitting earth would be catastrophic. But what are the chances?! What is the chance of proof of concept. That's my question
Ok. Look at it this way. Is TouchID fixed from having someone make a high resolution copy of your fingerprint and accessing your phone? Nope! Why? Because that kind of break in is HIGHLY unlikely. Now how likely is this Google flaw?
Oh I agree about the past. If Samsung and Google would have played their part, everyone would have had full bellies. But instead only Apple is still feasting. That said, what would it benefit Google if the shut down an operation making them 3 billion.
New Posts  All Forums: