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That was then. When apple didn't have the cash in hand, didn't have mobile devices in so many users hands. Now apple has a sticky ecosystem where few leave and most are asking for more services and products. Why coddle this industry when you can do an end run and get your point across. Apple doesn't need an entry partner now. Their 150 bil is all the partner they need to usher in the new tech and make the cable industry fall in line or fall to pieces
Dude. I draw the line here. There's no way samsung is THAT much of an imitator.I mean they did innovate on the...Well they were the first to...They were a trend setter in...S%#t you're right!
Disagree on some points. Apple believes that for the best user experience you need to control the product creation from start to finish.A hybrid cable content model just to placate the aging current cable model will create a bad user exp. Apple needs to usher in a new model like they did w the phone.Only then will cable cos change their behavior. Otherwise apples solution will be tainted w a legacy model based on greed and company, not customer, centric wants
Apple just needs to punch their way in. Create their own content. Throw cash at sports. Use your relationship with disney(via Jobs legacy) and start creating your own high speed network. I and I'm sure nearly everyone on here would have no problem giving Apple money for content and connectivity. Showtime. Dexter and homeland HBO True blood, GOT sports STARZ...Spartacus Apple make your own show for these audiences. Hire the best directors. Have an all you can eat...
Stupid? How does stupidity land you 160 bil in the bank?
Apple will not have numerous types of watches. Apple does things in ones and twos. They will have two types w different memory sizes. Version 1 is for the masses and will be $179. "Basic" version Version 2 will be an FDA subsidized one for $499. High margin. For hospitals and chronic ill. That's it
Lol we went from government intrusion to global warming in the blink of an eye. I think this is too SQUIRREL!
+1. Manage your damn kids. You can't expect Apple to do everything. Parents need to parent
I don't watch much sports so excuse the ignorance but is this a good deal? $199 sounds like a lot for just one section of tv watching.
This is unrelated but it just hit me reading this article. So the samsung gear is quite expensive for a smart watch. One reason is you can take call and the radio chip to do that's costs(licensing more than hardware). Well at WWDC apple introduced the tech where you can receive calls over wifi on your idevices via a tethered connection to your phone. No reason apple couldn't extend this to the iwatch.
New Posts  All Forums: