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That's why it's a media hub.Streaming Netflix and hulu32GB of movies and musicMusic streamingMy kid got my ipad2. I picked up the retina mini. But in a prior post on this thread, the hardware can skip a year. The longevity of the iPad doesn't necessitate annual upgrades
:-) not me. I upgraded to the retina mini. Kid got my iPad 2 and iPad 1 went to living room. Point though is the iPad's hardware/software is so good, yearly refresh is overkill. Apple could easily skip a year and keep up w innovation and lead competition.
I'd say the 1st gen iPad runs about the same as a 2014 galaxy tab. I've used both and they're about the same in speed and responsiveness and general concerning app limitations(ie you can't update most apps on iPad do to older OS)With that said, it is f*#%kin sad for android/samsung that an almost 5 year old iPad is on par with the latest galaxy tablet.
Ditto. We are still using the first gen iPad as a media hub for the living room. 1st gen!And my kids iPad 2 is still rocking. I think they should move to an every other year cycle. The tech is good enough to skip a year.
I think he was being sarcastic. At least that's how I took it
The next iPhone is going to be iPhoneT. T for translucent because it'll be so thin it's nearly see through. That way the hardware will match IOS7.Jokes aside, I'm ready to purchase. 4.7 inch...sold. 5.5...not so much. I still think the 5.5 is the new iPod touch gaming device
"technology could be employed in devices such as the iPhone or iPad where space is at a premium" Quit making the iPhones so thin and you'll have space! Don't get me wrong. I love my IP5S. It's thin enough. Is rather see the next iPhone the same thickness but more or better internals.
I visited one about 5 months back when I I picked up iPad mini from an apple store 4 stores down. It gave me one impression: techno club. It was cramped, dark and the colored products made it feel like they were about to rock to techno or something. Oh and it was empty sans me and the staff
I just read that article. It was was an ad for reasons to BUY an iPad. Despite the headline the article was vastly pro apple. Idk if it was intentional on the writers side to do that but that article was a +1 for iPad
That was then. When apple didn't have the cash in hand, didn't have mobile devices in so many users hands. Now apple has a sticky ecosystem where few leave and most are asking for more services and products. Why coddle this industry when you can do an end run and get your point across. Apple doesn't need an entry partner now. Their 150 bil is all the partner they need to usher in the new tech and make the cable industry fall in line or fall to pieces
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